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Darfur's agony is world's shame.( Arabs Murder and Rape, Inc. )
Financial Times ^ | May 20, 2004 | Emma Bonino and William Shawcross

Posted on 06/02/2004 5:42:42 PM PDT by Leisler

There are no more villages to burn," a United Nations relief officer said when describing the situation in western Sudan last week. Forced displacement of people had stopped to an extent, he added, and after more than a year of war, an unsettling calm had fallen across much of the region of Darfur.

But just because Darfur's villages have been razed to the ground, that does not mean the horror is over for the brutalised civilians of the area. The "Janjaweed" government-backed Arab militia continues its campaign of mass murder and rape against black African tribes in Darfur. The government of Sudan not only aids the Janjaweed with money and guns but also supports the fighters tactically with aerial bombardment of villages immediately before militia raids.

The Janjaweed have corralled civilians into camps - what some rightly call "concentration camps" - where many are dying slowly from disease and malnutrition. This year's planting season has been missed, grain reserves have been deliberately targeted and destroyed and the government continues to block humanitarian aid from reaching most displaced Darfurians. Those who were not slaughtered outright are clearly being left to starve. Since early last year, this vicious campaign has claimed an estimated 30,000 civilian lives; international aid agencies say that over 1.2m people have been displaced within Sudan and at least 120,000 have fled to neighbouring Chad, making Khartoum's conduct a grave threat to regional as well as internal stability. USAID estimates that another 350,000 could die due to the desperate situation in Darfur.

In short, the government of Sudan is conducting a scorched-earth, near-genocidal war against its own citizens. Again.

We have seen this before, after all. Many of these tactics are familiar from the government's decades-long war primarily in the country's south; the scorched-earth approach is Khartoum's signature policy when dealing with rebellion. For years, it has attacked its own civilians in the course of the conflict with the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA). In the past few months, however, Khartoum has turned its attention to the people of Darfur, whom it suspects of aiding two other rebel groups, the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

Recent promising progress in the peace talks between the government and the SPLA actually contributed to Darfur's downfall. The SLA and, later, the JEM saw the two-party peace deal as shutting them out of Sudan's future. So they took up arms, scoring some early successes against government installations. This focused the government's wrath, sending its hired Janjaweed militia out against the civilian population of Darfur.

There are strong suspicions that the government has been stringing out the talks with the SPLA simply to provide time to redirect military resources to the Darfur front. In any case, Khartoum almost certainly calculated - correctly - that the international community would be unwilling to speak out about the turmoil in Darfur as long as a deal between the government and the SPLA was so tantalisingly close.

But the time for the international community to stand by and hope is long past. The government-supported atrocities in Darfur are too horrific and widespread to ignore.

The roaring silence from the Arab League and the Muslim world over Darfur is inexcusable. Both the Arab aggressors and the black African victims are Muslims. So one might have expected to hear something from those quarters, at least a call from the former for Arab brethren to show restraint, if not condemnation from the latter of the massacre of Muslims.

The European Union has not fared much better, offering weak words at best. A well-meaning statement by the Irish presidency of the EU last month said only that "it is essential that the Sudanese government fulfil its commitment to control the irregular armed forces known as the Janjaweed". That timid line came a week after George W. Bush said Sudan "must immediately stop local militias from committing atrocities against the local population", and also a week after Kofi Annan, United Nations secretary-general, referred to "ethnic cleansing" in Darfur and openly suggested military intervention might be required.

Europe needs to catch up quickly, acknowledge the severity of the situation in Darfur and use its weight in the UN Security Council. That weight is considerable: in addition to permanent members - France and the UK - EU member states Germany and Spain are also currently on the Security Council, as is Romania, an EU applicant. They need to push for an emergency session of the Security Council to take up the Darfur issue in a resolution, making it clear to the government of Sudan that the killing must stop, aid must be allowed to go through and displaced people permitted to return home. The Security Council should in addition authorise all measures short of force to be used against Sudan and warn Khartoum of international military intervention if it does not alter its course. Only such an ultimatum will demonstrate that the international community means it when it says "never again" - that we are not going to stand by as another mass slaughter of innocents unfolds before our eyes.

We may be too late to save Darfur's burnt villages, but we can still save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Emma Bonino is a member of the European parliament and a former European commissioner; William Shawcross is an author, most recently of the book 'Allies'. Both are board members of the International Crisis Group

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Government; Philosophy; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 911; afganistan; arabs; iraq; muslims; sudan
Not one word from the camel sucking carpet heading scum of the exhaulted Arab league. Even the commies used to back track every now and then.
1 posted on 06/02/2004 5:42:44 PM PDT by Leisler
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To: Leisler
There's no world media attention since the aggressors are Muslim. And the U.N. couldn't care less because they can't blame whites, Israelis or the other usual suspects.

They don't know what to do because it doesn't fit the descriptions in their little handbook of who's supposed to be right and who always has to be wrong.

2 posted on 06/02/2004 5:55:29 PM PDT by xJones
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To: xJones
Maybe they don't have a handbook.

Maybe they are not mistaken.

They are clear, and knowing.

They are our enemies.

That's my take, until they PROVE otherwise.

Get them all, get them now.
3 posted on 06/02/2004 6:06:38 PM PDT by Leisler (Democrats 2004. Kool-Aid and Kerry.)
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To: Leisler


It's simple: Moslems and Palestinians are the Gutter-Dogs of Hummanity.

Moslems and Palestinians breed like sub-human vermin, then sacrifice their own children to become "Human Bombs", killing others' Children in the process.

Moslems and Palestinians are typical of the Arab mental squalor that's condemned entire sub-continents to vast cesspools of poverty, disease, and brutal ignorance.

Moslem and Palestinian Women are worthy of the Enslavement in which they and their Babies suffer eternal damnation, at the hands of Pseudo-Men whose Barbarism is only exceeded by their Pathetic Depravity towards the Moslem Boys playing at the local Mosque.

Moslem and Palestinian Women could have rebelled against their Depraved Male Slave-Masters decades ago, as did their Asian and Western European sisters. But the Arab's racial cowardice (genetically inbred over the centuries) condemns Arab Men and Children to flee from genuine Honor just as disease flees from Penecilum.

Why does the entire Civilized World turn away in disgust at Moslems and Palestinians ?

Because even the monstrously evil Bolshevicks and Nazis had the courage to fight their enemies as Men, face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball.

Because even the deranged Japanese Kamakaze Pilots of World War II mustered the honor of a suicide-death in the face of Open Battle.

Accordingly, even fifty (50) years after World War II, American, Japanese, British, German and Russian soldiers will even toast together the mutal memory of their fallen comrades, because all were imbued with the Singular Honor of Men who Sacrificed Their Lives (on the field of battle) for their respective nations.

Moslems and Palestinians ? They cannot even comprehend such Honor.

It's as foreign to Moslems and Palestinians as America's Bill of Rights and the God-Ordained Right of Women to enjoy the blessings of life and family, without living as Dowery Slaves in the Shadow of Fear of being Burned at the Stake to satify the Satanic Monsters lurking in the Soul of every Islamic man.

Have I made my Point ?


Free Republic member since 1998.

4 posted on 06/02/2004 6:12:04 PM PDT by Patton@Bastogne (John "Heinz" Kerry won't be the Nov-2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee)
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To: Leisler

The UN and the EU have become such kissing kin, why don't we let the EU provide the muscle and money for this one? We're kinda busy. And our troops still don't have "immunity".

5 posted on 06/02/2004 6:22:30 PM PDT by kcar (
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To: Patton@Bastogne
Quit with the Nice Guy routine. Tell me how you really feel.

Question. If a neutron warhead is detonated over an oil field, how long before one can handle the pipeline valves?


Mr. Sick'O Them.
6 posted on 06/02/2004 6:29:35 PM PDT by Leisler (Democrats 2004. Kool-Aid and Kerry.)
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To: Patton@Bastogne

Bumpety-Bump-Bump. And Amen too!!!!

7 posted on 06/02/2004 6:57:26 PM PDT by evolved_rage (Where they take an arm and a leg.)
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To: Leisler

Not a word of condemnation from our govt either. We must come down hard on this.

8 posted on 06/03/2004 12:04:15 AM PDT by Cronos (W2K4!)
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