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Marines hold Iraqi nuclear site built by French
Tribune-Review ^ | 4-9-03 | Carl Prine

Posted on 04/10/2003 10:25:31 AM PDT by SkunkPunk

Edited on 04/13/2004 2:02:56 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

SOUTH OF BAGHDAD In a valley sculpted by man, between the palms and roses, lies a vast marble and steel city known as Al-Tuwaitha.

In the suburbs about 18 miles south of the capital's suburbs, this city comprises nearly 100 buildings workshops, laboratories, cooling towers, nuclear reactors, libraries and barracks that belong to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: atomic; blix; cia; fedayeen; frenchnuclear; hamza; iaea; iraq; iraqinuclear; marines; nuclear; plutonium; radiation; seegar; tuwaitha; un; underground; war
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Heard it on Rush and thought I'd post it. Two interesting parts: -So far, Marine nuclear and intelligence experts have discovered 14 buildings that betray high levels of radiation. Some of the readings show nuclear residue too deadly for human occupation. -During construction of one of the former nuclear reactors there, FRENCH engineers spent a fortune pumping water from the foundation area, only to see buildings crumble when the water was removed.
1 posted on 04/10/2003 10:25:32 AM PDT by SkunkPunk
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To: SkunkPunk
What's really, REALLY interesting is how the major media is IGNORing this...try to find any mention of it in the NYTimes, WP, or LATimes..
2 posted on 04/10/2003 10:27:20 AM PDT by ken5050
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To: All

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3 posted on 04/10/2003 10:28:14 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: ken5050
just on Fox
4 posted on 04/10/2003 10:28:57 AM PDT by ibme
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To: SkunkPunk
You are a day late. It was posted and talked about extensively on FR.

The most interesting part to me is the underground system that the UN inpsetors apparentely were not aware of!


5 posted on 04/10/2003 10:29:22 AM PDT by hawkaw
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To: SkunkPunk
A lot of people owe us a BIG apology.
6 posted on 04/10/2003 10:31:04 AM PDT by BunnySlippers
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To: BunnySlippers
Don't hold your breath waiting for it...even from certain media types.
7 posted on 04/10/2003 10:34:52 AM PDT by MEG33
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To: SkunkPunk
Pop Goes the Weasel.
8 posted on 04/10/2003 10:40:48 AM PDT by 3AngelaD
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To: SkunkPunk
"I've never seen anything like it, ever," said Seegar, who leads a company of combat engineers turned into combat grunts. "How did the world miss all of this? Why couldn't they see what was happening here?"

It's time for the mandatory question, "What was Hans Blix doing over there, besides wasting gas driving around with his Iraqi minders?"

The French knew about all that!

9 posted on 04/10/2003 10:43:20 AM PDT by xJones
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To: SkunkPunk
Search, search, search and don't change title on the original articles. Already posted here yesterday by Ditto.

It is being reported by Fox now and the Pentagon was watching it are very interested in it. FR beats all the meadia once again.

10 posted on 04/10/2003 10:44:26 AM PDT by GrandmaPatriot
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To: BunnySlippers
Think we'll get it?
11 posted on 04/10/2003 10:46:09 AM PDT by Irene Adler
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To: GrandmaPatriot
Oops, sorry

meadia = media

12 posted on 04/10/2003 10:48:28 AM PDT by GrandmaPatriot
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To: SkunkPunk
Its obvious the USA has planted this underground network of highly radioactive meterial in an effort to justify this conflict! < /sarcasm>
13 posted on 04/10/2003 10:54:58 AM PDT by smith288 (Visit my gallery
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To: SkunkPunk; Alamo-Girl; Travis McGee
"How did the world miss all of this? Why couldn't they see what was happening here?"

Maybe because they never wanted to find anything. Mohammed Al Baradei, IAEA Director, is a Muslim. Where do you suppose his true sympathies lies? He accepted as fact every lame Iraqi excuse and 'plausible deniable' alternate use for PROHIBITED technology transfers to Iraq (i.e., remember the high-test aluminum tubes? ). Where is he now?

14 posted on 04/10/2003 10:57:21 AM PDT by Paul Ross (From the State Looking Forward to Global Warming! Let's Drown France!)
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To: SkunkPunk
Marines nuclear site
15 posted on 04/10/2003 10:57:25 AM PDT by SMEDLEYBUTLER
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To: SkunkPunk
More Imperialists Lies!

A Hollywood production! The Christian Crusaders and Invaders planted all of these things!

It was really a milk feed all the peasants and toiling proletariat!

/ sarcasm and Elmo channeling.

16 posted on 04/10/2003 11:05:13 AM PDT by Thumper1960
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To: 3AngelaD
Indeed. But the Weasals are still in being. Witness this propaganda out of an Egyptian 'scientist':

hosted by tripod

Al-tuwaitha Site - Intentional Destruction

of Civil Nuclear Installations

Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association, Cairo, Egypt.

    A visit was conducted on 28 June 2001 to the site of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) at Al-tuwaitha. The visit was organized by Baitul Hekma (Wisdom's House), Baghdad within the activities of its two days "International Seminar on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and the International Dual Standards" in the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the aggression on the Tammuz nuclear research reactor.
    The Al-tuwaitha site located at 30 km south of Baghdad is the location of the Nuclear Research Centre (NRC) of IAEC. Its establishment went back to 1960 when the site was chosen to house a small Soviet supplied 2 mega watt (MW) research reactor and associated facilities. The reactor went critical in 1968, marking the beginning of peaceful use of atomic energy in Iraq. Later in 1978 the reactor was upgraded to 5 MW.
    In 1970 Iraq was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) expressing the will to use the achievements of nuclear science and technology peacefully for scientific, economic, and social development of its people.
    Within the frame of NPT and to develop its research and development (R&D) programme in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, Iraq signed in 1975 a bilateral agreement with France to supply a material testing complex consisting of a 40 MW (Tammuz-1) and a 0.5 MW (Tammuz-2) reactors, a material testing hot laboratory called LAMMA, a radioactive waste treatment station, and support facilities. With Italy an agreement was signed in 1976 to supply with radiochemical laboratory for radioisotope production.
    Peaceful application of the Iraqi nuclear programme included: testing of advanced materials, radioisotope production for medicine, agriculture, and industry, along with basic research in reactor, nuclear, and solid state physics. The Iraqi nuclear facilities at Al-tuwaitha along with other nuclear research facilities at universities and research institutes were put under the safeguard measures of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), they underwent periodic inspections according to the IAEA safeguard rules. No violation of safeguard measures were reported by the IAEA.
    The ambitious Iraqi programme for peaceful uses of atomic energy eventually stopped by the destruction of Tammuz-1 reactor in the Israeli military attack-aggression on 6 June 1981, just before loading of nuclear fuel in the reactor pool. In this military aggression against civilian installation, complete or partial destruction resulted of reactor control room, reactor core and pool, cold neutron guide, and the hot lab facility. The damage was estimated at ~ 700 MUS$. Three persons were killed during the attack, among them one of the French team of reactor installation.
    Severe destruction of the Al-tuwaitha site took place during the bombing compaign in 1991 within the desert storm operation. Destroyed were the Tammuz-2 mini reactor, the cooling tower, the LAMMA, and the waste treatment facility. Destroyed also was the Russian reactor, where the reactor pool can be seen in open air. Chernobyl-like severe radioactive contamination all over the region including excessive radioactive exposure of the public could result if the highly radioactive reactor fuel were hit during the bombing. Complete damage is evident. The state of the empty site after 10 years of sanctions and embargo with ruins everywhere resembles that of Chernobyl site in Ukraine.
    According to discussions, all nuclear and fissionable materials were removed from Iraq, equipment were destroyed, research in nuclear sciences was severely contracted, and most of scientists left the country. 30 years may be needed for the Al-tuwaitha site to recover and peaceful nuclear activities started again.
    We express our deep solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle to build and secure their national knowledge and industry bases, to have the achievements of science and technology for the benefit of current and future generations. We stand for immediate and unconditional removal of sanctions, embargo, and other forms of discrimination and dual standard policies against Iraq, for peace and justice to the Iraqi people and all nations that suffer from such actions.

Last updated 10 July 2001
17 posted on 04/10/2003 11:05:58 AM PDT by Paul Ross (From the State Looking Forward to Global Warming! Let's Drown France!)
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To: Paul Ross
18 posted on 04/10/2003 11:11:52 AM PDT by Centurion2000 (We are crushing our enemies, seeing him driven before us and hearing the lamentations of the liberal)
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To: ken5050
And the leftists and their 'peace monitoring organizations' from CDI to Global Security et al. See how easily they were hood-winked before from this article:

Global - Proliferation, Defense, Intelligence, Space - Click to go back to the main page  

Please make a tax-deductible donation to - Click Here

Search our Site

Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Center
al-Aseel / al-Diyalla Facility


Satellite Imagery


The Iraqi nuclear weapons effort, which was directed from the PC-3 headquarters received raw uranium for processing from mines at Ukashat. Seven facilities were promiment in the calutron enrichment program. Four of these facilities, al-Jesira, al-Atheer and al-Rabbiyah and al-Dijjla at Zafaraniyah, had not been identified by American intelligence as being associated with the nuclear weapons program and consequently escaped any significant damage from coalition airstrikes during the Gulf War. The three other facilities -- Tuwaitha, Tarmiya, and al-Fajar -- were previoiusly identified by American intelligence as being associated with the nuclear weapons program and suffered extensive damage during the War. Baghdad was operating approximately 25 calutron units; 20 at Tarmiya where uranium was enriched to 35%, and 5 at Tuwaitha where enrichment levels of approximately 95% were achieved. Another program for the production of uranium under the Petrochemical-3 project used gas centrifuge enrichment, with two facilities at Al Furat and Rashidiya, and a third under construction at Taji.

As of 2002, the only known store of nuclear material in Iraq is in heavyweight sealed barrels at the Tawaitha research facility south of Baghdad. It consists of several tons of low-grade uranium and is monitored by an international agency with the full co-operation of the Iraqi regime.

Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center, located 18 km SSE of Baghdad, was the main site for Iraqi nuclear program. Tuwaitha is the location of the Osiraq reactor bombed by Israel in 1981. The Al Asil General Establishment at Al Tuweitha was the headquarters of the Iraqi Nuclear Commission. Activities included several research reactors, plutonium separation and waste processing, uranium metallurgy, neutron initiator development and work on number of methods of uranium enrichment. The Pure Lead Project at Al Tuweitha was engaged in the development of shielding for the nuclear weapons program.

At a location immediately outside Tuwaitha parts for the enrichment program were reportedly stored. Also outside Tuwaitha is a facility where magnetic coils and insulators were manufactured. Neither of these facilities were bombed during the Gulf War. Facility 416, the storage and warehouse area at Tuwaitha, was not at all damaged during the Gulf War. Facility 405 at Tuwaitha, operated by the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) and the basis for the 411 Program ( the al-Tarmiya enrichment facility), was probably totally destroyed. [GulfLINK]

Experiments on enrichment were conducted in the Laboratory Workshop Building (LWB). Operations in this building focused on the enrichment of uranium work included experiments with centrifuge, electromagnetic separator, and laser separation experiments. Also in this building was a group working on chemical processes using acetone. The "hot laboratories" were located in the lama building. [GulfLINK]

All nuclear fuel at this site was removed under IAEA monitoring. Equipment directly tied to the nuclear weapons program was destroyed in place.

In April 1991, Iraq’s inventory of safeguarded highly enriched uranium included 35.58 kilograms of U235 which had been irradiated but could not be readily used in weapons production since the fissile material would have been difficult to extract quickly from the irradiated fuel. This material was held at two storage locations: a fuel pond, which contained the reactor core and fuel storage racks; and an emergency storage where fueld from the Tammuz-2 reactor core and associated pond had been transferred during the Gulf War. This emergency storage, designated "location B", consisted of pits in a farmland area a few miles from the Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Center. [IAEA April 1992 ]

During the Gulf War the allied forces bombing of Iraqi facilities inflicted a maximum of 20 percent damage on the Iraqi nuclear weapons development program. Most of the damage occurred in two facilities--the headquarters (HQ) of the Iraqi nuclear weapons program, called the Tuwaitha or al-Diyalla facility, located on the southeastern edge of Baghdad, and the al-Safaa uranium enrichment factory located north of Baghdad. Allied forces bombing inflicted a great amount of damage on Tuwaitha; however, most of the facilities destroyed belonged to the Iraqi Nuclear Power Commission or were administrative facilities. The reactor building and a small test reactor, which remained from the time that Osirak was built both were destroyed. One production unit was damaged. This unit processed spent nuclear fuel and contained two hot cells for this purpose. Bombing of this unit caused some nuclear contamination. Because of the contamination, Tuwaitha was closed for two days after the bombing. The nuclear reactor building was damaged. The reactor inside the building was shut down before the gulf war. [GulfLINK]

The Al Tuwaitha nuclear center was extensively equipped with "hot cells" for dealing with radioactive material, although many were severely damaged during bombing. However, concern remained about possible reconstruction and future use of the undamaged cells. Therefore, during the seventh inspection, these cells were rendered harmless by cutting off the manipulator arms and control wires. Associated glove boxes were rendered useless by pouring cement into them. As a long-term measure, epoxy resin was used along with cement to render harmless the mixers-settlers. The seventh and eighth IAEA inspections revealed special equipment essential to the nuclear weaponization programme for warhead development and assembly as distinct from nuclear material production. Two special video cameras ("streak cameras") were removed from Iraq and other equipment was sealed pending decisions on removal, destruction or monitoring. [IAEA April 1992 ]

Following the 1991 Gulf War, the International Atomic Energy Agency removed all known Iraqi stocks of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, in accordance with the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 687. As of 2002 the only positively confirmed nuclear material left in Iraq is 1.8 tons of low-enriched uranium and several tons of natural and depleted uranium. The material is in a locked storage site at the Tuwaitha nuclear research facility near Baghdad. Under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, this stock of material is checked once a year by an IAEA team. The most recent check was in January 2002, and none of the material had been tampered with at that time.

Source: Oct. 8, 2002, DoD Briefing on Iraqi Denial and Deception


19 posted on 04/10/2003 11:12:19 AM PDT by Paul Ross (From the State Looking Forward to Global Warming! Let's Drown France!)
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To: Irene Adler
Naw ...
20 posted on 04/10/2003 11:35:52 AM PDT by BunnySlippers
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