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  • Top gun rights priority prospects dim, even in GOP-controlled Washington

    12/16/2017 11:07:02 AM PST · by Reno89519 · 9 replies
    McClatchy DC Bureau ^ | December 14, 2017 | Andrea Drusch
    Gun rights activists spent record amounts last year to elect Republicans — but aren’t likely to get their biggest wish, nationwide concealed carry legislation, approved before the 2018 elections. Activists are blaming the Republicans they help put in power — as well as Democrats — for the lack of action on the gun lobby’s number one legislative priority. “The gun rights community does not appreciate the fact that reciprocity languished for so long, and then following two tragic shootings, it seems the first initial response from some in the GOP was, ‘We need additional gun control,’ aka the NICS fix,”...
  • Watch the Guys From Black Rifle Coffee Play Christmas Songs With Guns

    12/16/2017 7:33:45 AM PST · by mairdie · 13 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | December 16, 2017 | Cassandra Fairbanks
    The guys from Black Rifle Coffee Company have created the perfect Christmas video for Second Amendment loving patriots as they hilariously play some of the holiday’s classics by shooting at steel.
  • Gun Control is in Progressivism’s DNA

    12/16/2017 4:54:36 AM PST · by marktwain · 10 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 9 December, 2017 | Dean Weingarten
    Progressive infatuation with gun control and population disarmament stems from their foundational premises about the nature of reality.Progressivism was born out of the end of the frontier and of frustrations with the restraints of the Constitution.  Politicians wanted more power than the Constitution allowed.They rejected the entire theory of natural rights and the idea that governments exist by the consent of the governed.From, a quote from Charles Merriam, an early, leading Progressive political scientist: The individualistic ideas of the “natural right” school of political theory, indorsed in the Revolution, are discredited and repudiated…. The origin of the state is...
  • Surprise! US Virgin Island Emergency Firearms Confiscation Order Extended

    12/15/2017 10:14:51 PM PST · by Simon Green · 13 replies
    The Truth About Guns ^ | 12/15/17 | Dan Zimmerman
    You know how they say it’s virtually impossible to kill any government program once it’s in place…because someone always benefits and it develops its own interested constituency? Yes, well it seems that the authority to confiscate firearms works pretty much the same way. At least it does in the territories of the US Virgin Islands. You may remember that back in September, as Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the Caribbean, USVI Governor Kenneth Mapp declared a state of emergency and signed an order authorizing law enforcement agencies and the National Guard to confiscate residents’ firearms and ammuntion. The...
  • Philly City Council Approves Bill Banning Bulletproof Glass From Shops

    12/15/2017 4:09:51 PM PST · by BackRoads775 · 86 replies ^ | 12 December 2017 | Chris Menahan
    The Philadelphia City Council voted 14-3 on Thursday to pass a bill allowing the city's Department of Licenses and Inspections to ban shop owners from protecting themselves and their employees with bulletproof plexiglass. Philadelphia 8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who sponsored the bill, said previously that having to see plexiglass represents an "indignity" to her constituents.
  • Boston Among Cities Holding Gun Buyback Day Saturday

    12/15/2017 1:54:14 PM PST · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 12 replies
    BOSTON (CBS) – Give a gun anonymously. Get a $100 Visa gift card. No questions asked. That is the premise behind Boston’s gun buyback on Saturday, called “Your Piece for Peace.” The goal is to take guns off city streets. Worcester, Providence and Hartford are also taking part in the program Saturday. The day marks a remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which happened five years ago Thursday.
  • Trump Era NICS on Track to Second-Highest Year Ever

    12/15/2017 4:12:44 AM PST · by marktwain · 12 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 12 December, 2017 | Dean Weingarten
    When President Trump took office 10 months ago, the bottom was supposed to drop out of the firearms market. It did not happen. We have the numbers for the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) for the first eleven months of 2017. They are on track to be the second highest year on record. It is hard to see how they can miss that mark.December has been the highest month of the year for eight out of nine years. In two anomalous years, 2013, and 2014, it was the fourth highest and second highest month, respectively. November of 2017...
  • This ‘decorated Green Beret’ is a total fraud

    12/14/2017 10:25:37 PM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 59 replies
    NY Post ^ | Dec 14, 2017 | Stephanie Pagones and Danika Fears
    Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald Wright’s resume was impressive by any standard. He boasted of a Purple Heart, Bronze Star — and a slew of other medals as an elite Green Beret that got him into swanky galas and even field access to the Giants. But Wright is nothing but an accomplished fraud, it was revealed Thursday. He never served with Special Forces, never served in any combat role — and never rose above the rank of “specialist,” according to military documents obtained through FOIA by Guardians of the Green Beret. Wright even lied about how long he was in...
  • 10 Infamous Deadly Real-Life Gun Slingers of the Wild West

    12/14/2017 9:42:11 AM PST · by w1n1 · 26 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/14/2017 | J Hines
    Gunslinger and gunfighter historically refers to men in the American Old West who had gained a reputation of being dangerous with a gun and had participated in gunfights and shootouts. Gunfighters range from different occupations including lawman, outlaw, cowboy, exhibitionists and duelist, but are more commonly synonymous to a hired gun who made a living with his weapons in the Old West. Here are the top 10 real-life deadly gunslingers from the wild west era. Tom Horn Jr. was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective, and Pinkerton agent in the 19th-century American Old West. Horn allegedly killed his first man...
  • Cuomo: Remove firearms from domestic abusers in New York

    12/14/2017 9:45:58 AM PST · by Bob434 · 39 replies
    The Post Star ^ | Dec 13, 2017 | The Associated Press
    Not sure the reposting rules from associated press- So I'll just post the link (It's a short article) and summarize- Cuomo is calling for removing firearms from all domestic abuse violators- even minor cases- He claims "Most mass shootings" are done by people with records of abuse against women.
  • Open Carry at The Vertical Church with AR15 and Radio

    12/14/2017 4:25:40 AM PST · by marktwain · 29 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 11 December, 2017 | Dean Weingarten
    Open carry at The Vertical Church in Yuma is common. It is not so common to see a rifleman outside of the front entrance. The Church takes security seriously. There is a dedicated security team that has several members at each service. Some members carry openly, some carry discreetly. There is nearly always double coverage as most security team members serve at one service and attend worship at another. Team members switch between open carry and discreet carry as is convenient. Members of the security team have a high percentage of active, former, and retired military and police. The...
  • This is the the US Army’s newest pistol

    12/14/2017 12:49:48 AM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 16 replies
    NY Post ^ | Dec 14, 2017 | Allison Barrie
    In future battles, U.S. soldiers will have a new sidearm for personal protection. The Army’s new pistol may see more action than the last thanks to a design that has great potential for offensive purposes like close quarter combat. The Army has begun fielding the first Sig Sauer XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) sidearms. The Sig Sauer 9mm XM17, and the more compact version XM18, are replacing the M9 as the Army’s service pistol. This is the first change in about three decades since Beretta’s M9 was first introduced as the Army’s sidearm in the Cold War era back in...
  • WaPo Gives Pelosi Pinocchios for Gun Claim

    12/13/2017 12:53:11 PM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | December 13, 2017 | Cortney O'Brien
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi missed the mark in her interpretation of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, voted into law by Republicans last week. That legislation, Pelosi declared on Twitter, comes with some unwanted invitations. Inviting violent criminals to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save livesInviting domestic abusers to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save livesInviting convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save lives Yet the @HouseGOP just voted to do exactly that #StopCCR— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) December 6, 2017 The Washington Post Fact Checker gave Pelosi three Pinocchios for the misleading tweet. Contrary to the picture Pelosi tried to paint,...
  • With new clout, Virginia Democrats to push for gun control

    12/13/2017 9:45:12 AM PST · by Perseverando · 26 replies
    The Roanoke Times ^ | December 7, 2017 | Sarah Rankin
    RICHMOND — Days after Virginia Democrats’ astounding Election Day successes, one of the state’s most influential gun rights groups sent a warning to its members. “Gun control will be coming at us hard and heavy,” the Virginia Citizens Defense League said in an email with the subject line “2017 Elections and the path ahead.” With the Democrats gaining clout, the group said, it expects a push for legislation in Virginia to implement universal background checks, ban assault weapons and restrict handgun purchases. The Defense League has urged members to reach out to non-gun owners to boost ownership and take off...
  • 458 Winchester Magnum Destruction

    12/13/2017 8:11:00 AM PST · by w1n1 · 11 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/13/2017 | J Hines
    The .458 Winchester Magnum remains one of the most popular dangerous game cartridges. The .458 Winchester Magnum was designed for hunting dangerous game animals by emulating the performance of powerful English double rifle cartridges in a bolt-action rifle. The use of a bolt-action rifle offered hunters a cheaper alternative to the big-bore double rifle, and ammunition could be manufactured using available tooling. In this video, Youtuber IraqVeteran8888 takes a Ruger M77 chambered in the venerable .458 Winchester Magnum and destroy some things. Lets see what happens to some soft targets with this powerhouse of a round. Such as: pumpkins, watermelons,...
  • Gun control groups applaud Democrat upset in Alabama Senate election

    12/13/2017 8:21:28 AM PST · by Simon Green · 26 replies ^ | 12/13/17 | Chris Eger
    A special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat in the U.S. Senate until 2021 unexpectedly went to the Democrats, to the joy of those seeking stronger gun laws. Former federal prosecutor Doug Jones, the Democrat running against longtime Alabama Chief Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, bested the Republican in a very tight election Tuesday. When Jones takes office, providing outstanding votes don’t tip the final tally in Moore’s favor, the GOP will control 51 of 100 seats in the Senate. This means Republicans will have that much more pressure to both unite their party as a block...
  • History of the Sniper

    12/13/2017 5:38:30 AM PST · by w1n1 · 32 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/13/2017 | F Jardim
    The sniper is an incredibly efficient fighter, compared to the typical infantryman. Consider that in World War II, American infantry units fired 25,000 rounds to kill just one enemy soldier. By the Korean War, that figure jumped to 50,000 rounds, and the select-fire M14 and M16 infantry rifles of the Vietnam War only seem to have produced more misses, requiring the expenditure of 200,000 rounds to kill one enemy combatant. It is ironic that a country built on a tradition of rifle marksmanship took nearly 200 years to formally embrace the sniper, the man that represents the military apex of...
  • Full-Auto Shotgun too good to be True

    12/13/2017 4:53:08 AM PST · by w1n1 · 20 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/13/2017 | J Hines
    How many of you shotgun lovers would love to try this fully-automatic shotgun for hunting? Or, maybe for home defense. From the outside appearances it looks like any ordinary shotgun. But, man when you squeeze that trigger its fully auto! Unfortunately, this piece of work is not available in the U.S. due to federal gun laws. If it was legal would you get one? See the complete full-auto shotgun video here.
  • Scared Cops Are Scary

    12/13/2017 4:42:22 AM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 118 replies ^ | Dec 13, 2017 | Jacob Sullum
    The jurors who acquitted Philip Brailsford of second-degree murder last week were told to judge him based on "how a reasonable officer would act, versus a regular person with no police training," as The Arizona Republic put it. That distinction was crucial, because a "regular person" would never get away with shooting an unarmed man who was crawling on the floor, sobbing and begging for his life. Like other recent cases in which jurors failed to hold police officers accountable for the unnecessary use of deadly force, Brailsford's acquittal shows that cops benefit from a double standard. Unlike ordinary citizens,...
  • Shaver Shooting a Wake-Up Call for Reforms

    12/13/2017 2:13:42 AM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 33 replies ^ | Dec 13, 2017 | Bob Barr
    Daniel Shaver did not deserve to die. He made an otherwise innocuous mistake, as people often do, especially in high pressure situations and after having consumed alcohol. But he did not deserve to die for it. Shaver could have been any one of our twenty-something children or siblings. The events of the night in which 25-year old Shaver died nearly two years ago, are not in dispute. Shaver was drinking with two companions in a Mesa, Arizona La Quinta Inn. At one point that evening, likely showing off, Shaver pointed a pellet rifle he used for his job in pest...