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  • An Open Letter to the Deep State’s Phil Mudd

    02/07/2018 1:23:29 PM PST · by pboyington · 10 replies
    US Defense Watch ^ | February 7, 2018 | Ray Starmann
    Dear Phil, May I call you Phil? Or, perhaps you’d like me to address you by several other titles: Deep State Hack, CNN Loudmouth, Globalist Dandy, Soros Puppet? Once again, last week, you were on the Clinton News Network, spouting more threats against the President of the United States. Why the Secret Service hasn’t visited you is a mystery akin to who really built the pyramids. Last August, you threatened the President on Jake Tapper’s ‘The Lead’, when you stated, “A couple of surprises — let me give you one bottom line as a former government official, the government is...
  • Ex-CIA Director Brennan Hired by NBC

    02/06/2018 11:05:05 PM PST · by Freedom of Speech Wins · 71 replies
    Eurasiareview ^ | 2/06//18
    Former CIA Director John Brennan has been hired as a paid contributor by NBC and MSNBC, the media company announced. He led the agency from 2013 to early 2017, under President Barack Obama. Brennan’s appointment comes amid the outcry over the memorandum released by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-California) alleging impropriety by the FBI and DOJ while investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
  • Former Soviet Spy Sees the Long Arm of the KGB in Today's Muslim Anti-Semitism

    02/06/2018 12:23:22 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 11 replies
    On a reporting trip to Gaza, Amman, and Damascus in 1994, I made a habit of asking Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leaders whom I met the following question: Did they think the Jews had a plan to dominate the world? I’ll never forget the enthusiastic answer of a pediatrician named Abdelaziz Rantissi, a Hamas leader, whom I met in his doctor’s office in Gaza. “Yes, indeed,” he said. “I have a copy right here.” And he pulled down from a shelf an Arabic-language copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was a response I heard again and...
  • Per CNN: Former CIA Official Says FBI Officials are "Ticked" and Playing the game "to win"

    02/05/2018 10:37:54 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 51 replies
    Former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd: The FBI people "are ticked" and they'll be saying of Trump, “You’ve been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win" (link:
  • Ex-Obama intel bosses break tradition to bust on Trump — for politics and profit

    02/05/2018 7:24:55 AM PST · by cq · 23 replies
    Fox News ^ | 2/5/2017 | Adam Shaw
    Once upon a time, former intel chiefs employed a restrained and nonpartisan tone in the public eye. Now, they're diving right into the mud of today's rancorous political fights. And the current battle between law enforcement circles and congressional Republicans over the controversial memo on alleged surveillance abuse has pulled Obama-era spy guys even deeper into the brawl. Former CIA director John Brennan, just before the memo was published, scorched House Republicans for their vote to release it.
  • Marni Soupcoff: Chilling Reasons to Be Paranoid About Government Research

    02/04/2018 2:03:42 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 3 replies
    National Post ^ | February 2, 2018 | Marni Soupcoff
    Two shows currently streaming on Netflix delve into the damaging, aggressive and unthinkable mind-control experiments the CIA undertook during the Cold-War eraMaybe Donald Trump is paranoid for thinking there’s been a conspiracy against him within the FBI. And maybe Joseph Heller was right that “(j)ust because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Especially where the government is concerned. There are two shows currently streaming on Netflix Canada that make this point. The programs occupy different genres, focus on different eras, and use different pacing for the telling of their different stories. Manhunt: Unabomber is a sensitive fictionalized dramatization...
  • Former CIA chief John Brennan slams Devin Nunes for ‘reckless’ handling of memo

    02/04/2018 11:21:29 AM PST · by jazusamo · 91 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | February 4, 2018 | Tom Howell Jr.
    Former C.I.A. Director John Brennan on Sunday chastised the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Sunday for his handling of a bombshell memo that delved into the secretive world of surveillance courts, saying the push to expose bias at the FBI was one-sided and shut out opposing views. Mr. Brennan, who served under President Obama, said Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican, could have held hearings to expose potential problems at the FBI, but instead put out “very selective, cherry-picked” memo without allowing Democrats to offer a rebuttal memo. “I never, ever saw the Democrats do something like this...
  • CNN - After Theatening Life of POTUS, CIA's Phil Mudd Uses N-Word Over the Air

    02/03/2018 7:17:50 PM PST · by gaijin · 62 replies
    CNN with Don Lemon ^ | Feb. 3rd 2018 | me
    In August ex-FBI/CIA Officer and Mueller protoge Phil Mudd observed President's Trump's failure to defend the CIA in the face of election meddling by Vladimir Putin, predicting: "The US government will kill [Donald Trump]'". More recently, Phil Mudd expressed his outrage over President Trump's reported use of a slur to describe countries accounting for an outsized share of post 1963 immigration: "A white honky from Norway can come here, but a black dude from Haiti can't. What does that tell you about America that one generation can call you a n*gger, Don Lemon..?" Apparently Mr. Mudd and CNN do not...
  • Aug. 2017 CNN Clip, CIA's Phil Mudd Blurts Out, "The Government will KILL Donald Trump..!"

    02/03/2018 6:24:24 PM PST · by gaijin · 65 replies
    On CNN's The Lead, with Jake Tapper, CIA Officer Phil Mudd made a startling claim. Mudd states that President Donald Trump's failure to defend the US Intelligence Community in the face of their claim that Vladimir Putin meddled in the 2016 US Presidential election means that... " reaction includes a couple suprises, let me give you one of them; bottom line..? The U.S. Government will KILL [Donald Trump]..! As a former government official, [Trump] defends Vladimir Putin..? There are CIA and State Department officers coming come and at Langley and at State they're saying, 'This is how you defend us..?'...
  • The un-American cabal [six U.S. intelligence agencies formed a “Stealth Task Force”]

    02/02/2018 10:30:44 PM PST · by TBP · 128 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | February 1, 2018 | James A. Lyons
    While the discredited FBI lead counter-intelligence agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, discussed forming a “secret society” which they now claim was a joke, there is a Sept. 20, 2017, article in True Pundit which describes how six U.S. intelligence agencies formed a “Stealth Task Force” headed by CIA Director John Brennan to run the unauthorized surveillance on Trump associates and possibly against Mr. Trump himself. According to the article, after being denied two FISA court warrants applications, this group used the British spy element, headed by Robert Hannigan, embedded at NSA, Ft. George Meade, Md....
  • CIA chief says China 'as big a threat to US' as Russia

    01/30/2018 2:08:57 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 10 replies
    BBC ^ | 2018/01/30
    CIA chief says China 'as big a threat to US' as Russia Chinese efforts to exert covert influence over the West are just as concerning as Russian subversion, the director of the CIA has said. Mike Pompeo told the BBC that the Chinese "have a much bigger footprint" to do this than the Russians do. As examples he cited efforts to steal US commercial information and infiltration of schools and hospitals - and this extended to Europe and the UK. Mr Pompeo was a hardline Republican congressman before becoming CIA chief. In his BBC interview, Mr Pompeo also said: He...
  • Essay: BCCI, Justice Delayed (1991, Mueller mention)

    01/28/2018 6:50:46 PM PST · by Triple · 23 replies
    The New York Times ^ | July 25, 1991 | William Safire
    The Underworld Bank scandal is oozing out all over. Conceived in Karachi, financed in Abu Dhabi, the conspiracy reached into the world's Western capitals and perhaps the U.N. under the protection of high-paid lobbyists and naive spooks. The B.C.C.I. scandal involves the laundering of drug money, the illicit financing of terrorism and of arms to Iraq, the easy purchase of respectability and the corruption of the world banking system. For more than a decade, the biggest banking swindle in history worked beautifully. Between $5 billion and $15 billion was bilked from governments and individual depositors to be put to the...
  • Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]

    01/27/2018 4:19:03 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 34 replies ^ | December 28, 2017 | Posted by Laura Wood
    RUMOR has been afoot in the last couple of months of a major operation against the globalist gangsters. Do these rumors have any substance? The Anti-New York Times has an important entry today about a poster at the forum known as “4chan” who goes by the name of Q and claims to be “a high-level government insider with special ‘Q clearance’ (hence the name) tasked with posting ‘crumbs’ for the purpose of covertly informing patriots about Donald Trump’s master plan to rout the Deep State and the whole Globalist-Rothschild structure above them.” Some of Q’s predictions appear to have been...
  • #BabyGise

    01/27/2018 9:12:40 AM PST · by XEHRpa · 19 replies
    Twitter ^ | 1/26/2018 | Michael Sheridan
    #BabyGise was born in 1915. This birth certificate was filled out on Texas paperwork. it is the birth announcement of Lawrence Preston Gise. He was born in Texas in 1915, but the paperwork is being filed in 1951? And he is being claimed by someone in Arlington VA/ They had to file the paperwork in 1951 because for that last 36 years, Lawrence Preston Gise went only by the name of #BabyGise The CIA raises people on a farm and when ready, they claim them and ship them out to Arlington. Who is Lawrence Preston Gise? Apparantly Jeff Bezos grandfather
  • Qanon – Obama Retains Counsel Pending Memo Release?,

    01/25/2018 7:57:37 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 84 replies
    Youtube ^ | Published on Jan 25, 2018 | The Still Report
    Synopsis: This week, Jerome Corsi put out his interpretation of last Sunday’s lengthy post by an anonymous poster seen on Twitter as QAnon. No one knows who the mysterious QAnon is, but he or she is thought to be someone with access to the Oval office. The latest seems to be that in light of the pending release to the public of the 4-page summary of the coup activities from the House Intelligence Committee, President Obama, has retained counsel in 9 different nations. The idea is that the release of the memo will be so damaging to Obama that he’s...
  • British Teen Gained Access to Intelligence Ops in Afghanistan, Iran Pretending to Be CIA Head

    01/25/2018 1:18:34 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 13 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 24 Jan 2018 | Hayley Dixon
    British 15-year-old gained access to intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran by pretending to be head of CIA, court hears A 15-year-old gained access to plans for intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran by pretending to be the head of the CIA to gain access to his computers, a court has heard. From the bedroom of the Leicestershire home he shared with his mother, Kane Gamble used “social engineering” – where a person builds up a picture of information and uses it manipulate others into handing over more – to access the personal and work accounts of some of America's...
  • “Kim is a Rational Man,” Says CIA Director Mike Pompeo

    01/25/2018 6:34:26 AM PST · by davikkm · 32 replies
    IWB ^ | Robert Carbery
    As we barrell toward World War III with North Korea, our CIA is briefing President Trump on the multiple scenarios and risks involved in a limited attack on the hermit nation on the Korean Peninsula, according to CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Tuesday. Pompeo would not discuss the “wisdom of a preemptive strike” on Pyongyang or other nuclear weapons facilities at a gathering at the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). However, Pompeo discussed North Korea as one of the most urgent priorities for the agency and the current administration.   “Kim is a rational man,” Pompeo said, in accordance with...

    01/24/2018 12:29:42 PM PST · by Trump_vs_Evil_Witch · 51 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 1/24/18 | TUFAYEL AHMED
    Lemon pointed out that Trump attacked CNN's Jim Acosta on Twitter just earlier Tuesday. Trump has also slammed Lemon himself in social media tirades.
  • Beijing hits back at US defense strategy and ‘Cold War mindset'

    01/21/2018 12:47:44 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 8 replies
    South China Morning Post ^ | 20 Jan, 2018 | Kinling Lo
    Beijing and Moscow have criticised the US military’s move to put countering China and Russia at the centre of its latest national defence strategy, with China again hitting back at America’s “cold war and zero-sum game mindset”. Presenting the new strategy – which will set priorities for the Pentagon for years to come – Defence Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday called China and Russia “revisionist powers” that “seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models”. It marks a shift in US defence priorities after its focus for more than a decade-and-a-half on the fight against Islamist militants. The...
  • New Pentagon strategy takes aim at Russia, China

    01/19/2018 10:43:33 AM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 8 replies
    Politico ^ | Jan 19, 2018 | Wesley Morgan
    The Pentagon’s new defense strategy calls for aggressive steps to counter Russia and China, directing the military to retrain its attention on great-power competition after nearly two decades of focusing primarily on Islamist militants and "rogue" nations. The Obama-era Quadrennial Defense Review called for “preserving strategic stability” with Moscow and Beijing and took a rosier view of the prospects for further nuclear arms reductions in partnership with Russia. Now, the new document asserts in blunt language, both Russia and China must be the U.S. armed forces’ "principal priorities." “The erosion of our military advantage is the problem that the strategy...