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  • Jeb Bush: Americans Urging for Immigration Controls ‘Threatened’ by ‘Less White’ Country

    09/23/2018 5:51:36 PM PDT · by chief lee runamok · 92 replies
    breitbart ^ | 09/23/2018 | John Binder
    Failed 2016 presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush says Americans who are urging for immigration controls are “threatened” by their perception that the United States is “changing” and becoming “less white.”
  • Pop culture blackout: Melania Trump missing from magazine covers, TV appearances

    09/23/2018 5:16:15 PM PDT · by Magnatron · 27 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 23 September 2018 | Christian Toto
    Few first ladies have been more prepared for their close-ups than Melania Trump. Yet the former model has not graced the cover of Vogue, Glamour or Cosmopolitan during her husband’s first 20 months in office. Neither has she yukked it up with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or other late-night TV hosts. That’s a huge missed opportunity for the Trump White House, says Lauren A. Wright, lecturer in politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University. Others insist Mrs. Trump’s low pop culture profile smacks of media bias that extends to other women in the Republican administration. “[Mrs. Trump] has this toolkit...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Hall of Heroes: General Raymond Davis ~ 24 September 2018

    09/23/2018 5:04:05 PM PDT · by Kathy in Alaska · 14 replies
    Serving The Best Troops and Veterans In The World !! | The Canteen Crew
    Our Troops Rock!  Thank you for all you do!   For the freedom you enjoyed yesterday... Thank the Veterans who served in The United States Armed Forces.   Looking forward to tomorrow's freedom? Support The United States Armed Forces Today!     ~ Hall of Heroes ~General Raymond DavisInfo and photos from this website.             General Raymond G. Davis, 13 Jan 1915 - 03 Sept 2003,who earned the Medal of Honor in Korea in 1950, retired from active duty March 31, 1972, after more than 33 years on active duty. His last assignment was as Assistant...
  • Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct from Kavanaugh’s College Years

    09/23/2018 5:01:27 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 184 replies
    The New Yorker | 09-23-2018 | Staff
  • Carolina woman arrested after providing care for pets without a permit during Hurricane

    09/23/2018 4:26:27 PM PDT · by BackRoads775 · 38 replies ^ | 09/23/2018 | Staff
    WAYNE COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina woman was arrested after providing care for animals during Hurricane Florence without a permit, according to USA Today. Animal rescue volunteer Raina Nyliram said the drugs she administered were all over-the-counter medication. She said the animals needed to be cared for because the veterinarian’s office was closed.
  • Panama revokes registration of last migrant rescue ship in central Mediterranean

    09/23/2018 3:16:17 PM PDT · by RightGeek · 10 replies
    Reuters ^ | 9/23/2018 | Stephen Jewkes
    MILAN (Reuters) - The Panama Maritime Authority has revoked the registration of search and rescue ship Aquarius 2 in a move that means there will be no charity rescue ships off the Libyan coast in the near future unless the vessel can find a new flag to sail under. Aquarius 2, the one remaining charity rescue vessel still operating in the Central Mediterranean area, is currently at sea with 58 survivors on board. The decision by the Panama Authority (PMA) means that once the ship comes into port it will be deflagged and will not be allowed to operate again...
  • Didsbury church's radical change after gay girl's suicide[video]

    09/23/2018 2:27:17 PM PDT · by Ennis85 · 23 replies
    BBC News ^ | 23rd September 2018 | BBC News
    Four years ago, 14-year-old Lizzie Lowe took her own life because she did not believe she would be accepted as a Christian who was also gay. Since then her church, St James in Didsbury, Manchester, and its sister church Emmanuel, has formally become an inclusive church - embracing everyone, regardless of gender, race, disability or sexuality. Lizzie's parents believe embracing inclusion could help save the lives of other teenagers.
  • Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ falls flat at the box office with dismal $3 million opening

    09/23/2018 1:23:03 PM PDT · by ETL · 37 replies ^ | Sept 23, 2018 | Frank Miles | Fox News
    Michael Moore's latest anti-Republican documentary tanked at the box office compared to his movies from a decade ago, as “Fahrenheit 11/9” barely registered with a $3.1 million take on its first weekend. The title was a play on his 2004 documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” that sought to expose mishandlings in President George W. Bush’s White House following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The latest film, as Fox News previously reported, sought to do the same to President Trump at a key time for the country: the 2018 midterm elections. “Fahrenheit 11/9” took in $3.1 million in 1,719 cinemas — a large debut for...
  • CNN Interview: Sen. Mazie Hirono says Kavanaugh Guilty Because of His Politics

    09/23/2018 12:46:39 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 67 replies
    CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Doesn’t Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?” Sen. Mazie Hirono: “I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases” #CNNSOTU (link:
  • The Six Significant Hurdles Preventing Ford From Deep Sixing Kavanaugh

    09/23/2018 12:43:52 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | September 23, 2018 | Kevin McCullough
    There are dozens of bonafide reasons as to why the Senate has no obligation to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation another minute.The underhanded nature with which the activist and sore-losing leftists in the U.S. Senate have conducted nearly every element of this drawn out exhibition has been noted by an electorate that put in office (by overwhelming margin) a President they hoped would transform politics into something resembling a system that once again works for Americans.GOP “likely turnout” for 2018 (over the past two weeks) has *increased* by an average of 3-8% according to the poll measuring it. Rust belt production workers,...
  • Steve Bannon drafting curriculum for right-wing Catholic institute in Italy

    09/23/2018 12:19:57 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 9 replies
    Reuters ^ | Sep 2018 | Mark Hosenbell
    Former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon is helping to craft the curriculum for a leadership course at a right-wing Roman Catholic institute in Italy, stepping up his efforts to influence conservative thinking in the church. Benjamin Harnwell, director of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute based in a mountaintop monastery not far from Rome, told Reuters Bannon had been helping to build up the institute for about half of its eight-year life. Cardinal Raymond Burke, a leading Vatican conservative who is president of the Institute’s board of advisers, said Bannon would be playing a leading role there. Burke told Reuters he...
  • I Survived Sexual Assault and I Stand With Brett Kavanaugh

    09/23/2018 11:59:08 AM PDT · by Abakumov · 25 replies
    Eagle Action Report ^ | 9/23/2018 | Felicia Tweedy
    I'm a woman, a victim of sexual assault and I stand with Brett Kavanaugh. I am also angry, furious and disgusted at the Democrats, especially Democrat women leaders, for their sickening behavior throughout this confirmation process. I was assaulted 16 years ago, when I was in college. I remember all the details. I remember what year, what semester, where it happened, even down to what room. If something is serious enough to haunt you for decades, you remember it well.... I’m sorry for what might have happened to Dr. Ford. But as someone who has experienced sexual assault, I have...
  • HUBER WATCH: US Attorney for Utah: Important detail has been lost in medical marijuana debate

    09/23/2018 11:25:46 AM PDT · by Jack Black · 44 replies
    KSL.,com ^ | Sep 13th, 2018 | Dennis Romboy
    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah's top federal law enforcement officer said one "important detail" is being overlooked in the heated debate over medical marijuana in the state. "Marijuana is against the law, federal law," U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber said Thursday. "That very important aspect cannot be lost in this discussion." The use, production, distribution and transportation of marijuana violates federal law, he said. "That has not changed, and although there are talks about change, it's the current state of the law, and it's my obligation to enforce federal law," Huber told reporters during a roundtable discussion in his...
  • No love for Trump during citizenship ceremony in Oakland

    09/23/2018 11:18:46 AM PDT · by artichokegrower · 27 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | September 23, 2018 | Matier & Ross
    It was quite an emotional scene earlier this month at Oakland’s Paramount Theater, where several hundred immigrants from 80 nations and their families gathered to take their oaths as naturalized American citizens.
  • Sandwich Chain Closes Because Customers Can't Stomach That Owner Met Donald Trump

    Hoagie sandwich chain Taylor Gourmet will close all 19 of its outlets largely due to a decline in sales after its co-founder attended an event last year led by President Donald Trump, according to Washingtonian.
  • Kavanaugh, DeSantis and the Human Cost of Fake News - Greenfield

    09/23/2018 10:39:04 AM PDT · by Louis Foxwell · 9 replies
    FrontPageMag ^ | September 21, 2018 | Daniel Greenfield
    Kavanaugh, DeSantis and the Human Cost of Fake News The media’s lies have a price. Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism P> Politico, the media outlet of choice for flacks and hacks, has declared that Ron DeSantis, the conservative Republican running for Governor of Florida, against the media’s favorite new socialist, suffered his “fifth race-related” controversy. That fifth “controversy” is about something that somebody who isn’t DeSantis tweeted. The fourth controversy also involved a DeSantis donor. The third controversy falsely...
  • America Is Living James Madison’s Nightmare

    09/23/2018 10:37:29 AM PDT · by thecodont · 29 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | October 2018 Issue | Jeffrey Rosen
    James Madison traveled to Philadelphia in 1787 with Athens on his mind. He had spent the year before the Constitutional Convention reading two trunkfuls of books on the history of failed democracies, sent to him from Paris by Thomas Jefferson. Madison was determined, in drafting the Constitution, to avoid the fate of those “ancient and modern confederacies,” which he believed had succumbed to rule by demagogues and mobs. Madison’s reading convinced him that direct democracies—such as the assembly in Athens, where 6,000 citizens were required for a quorum—unleashed populist passions that overcame the cool, deliberative reason prized above all by...
  • City may have to pay out $1.7B over biased teaching exam

    09/23/2018 10:29:56 AM PDT · by dennisw · 19 replies
    NY POST ^ | 9 4 20119 | S Algar
    Taxpayers shelled out $98 million over a discriminatory FDNY screening test just four years ago — but that’s pocket change compared to the $1.7 billion the city may now have to pay out over a biased teaching exam, The Post has learned. Legal papers quietly filed over the summer reveal that a court-appointed special master has recommended paying a total of $91.6 million in damages to just 219 of the plaintiffs in a long-running class-action suit against the former Board of Education — now the Department of Education — over a racially biased certification exam. Approximately 4,000 people are eligible...
  • Cruz struggling with black voters in Texas, but excels with Latinos

    09/23/2018 10:12:41 AM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 38 replies
    The Hill ^ | September 18, 2018 | Brett Samuels
    Ted Cruz is struggling to win over black voters according to a new poll, that despite that weakness shows the Republican senator with a healthy nine-point lead over Democrat Beto O'Rourke. Cruz is getting support from just three percent of likely black voters, but is winning 45 percent of likely Hispanic voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.
  • Vanity: I Read GOODBYE GOOD MEN Over 16 Years Ago. Described the CC and Roots of Its Sin.

    09/23/2018 6:15:26 AM PDT · by Chickensoup · 19 replies
    Good Bye Good Men ^ | 09.23.18 | chickensoup
    I Read GOODBYE GOOD MEN Over 16 Years Ago. Described the Catholic Church and Roots of Its Sexual Sin. Eighteen years ago Michael Rose wrote GOODBYE GOOD MEN describing the recruiting of homosexual men into the priest hood and rejection of conservative heterosexual men. Certainly what he said was true then and continues to unfold. This information was available then and earlier. What happened? So I am puzzled why this information is so hot right now?