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History (Religion)

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  • Yaroslavl Diocese [Russia] Exploring South Dorothea Hermitage Under Frozen Reservoir

    03/18/2018 5:52:45 PM PDT · by marshmallow
    Pravoslavie ^ | 3/16/18
    The reconnaissance-diving team of the “Flooded Holy Sites of the Mologa Region” expedition have investigated the former South Dorothea Hermitage, which is currently under ice in the Rybinsk Reservoir. The divers inspected the bell tower, tower, and one of the walls of the monastery, reports the Synodal Department for Monasteries and Monasticism of the Russian Orthodox Church. The South Dorothea Hermitage was founded more than 400 years ago at the confluence of the Southern Black and Southern White Rivers near the Volga River. Thousands would flock to the monastery annually. The monastery was completely flooded when the Rybinsk Reservoir...
  • The Cross Always Wins - A Homily for the 5th Sunday of Lent

    03/18/2018 7:45:39 AM PDT · by Salvation · 19 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-17-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Cross Always Wins - A Homily for the 5th Sunday of Lent Msgr. Charles Pope • March 17, 2018 • To the world and to those what are perishing, Sunday’s Gospel is utter madness, utter foolishness. Christ in effect declares that dying (to this world) is the only way to true life. While the world’s so-called wisdom holds that the way to life is through power, prestige, possessions, and popularity, Jesus says that in order to find true life, one must die to all that. This seems to be a paradox. The true gospel (not a watered down,...
  • A Christian Perspective on Stephen Hawking’s Legacy

    03/17/2018 6:16:06 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 77 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | March 17, 2018 | Philip Cottraux
    By Philip Cottraux Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76 this week. A theoretical physicist, professor of mathematics at Cambridge University (a position once held by Isaac Newton), and author of the best-selling book A Brief History of Time, he was a legend in the scientific community. When Hawking spoke, the world listened. At one time, he seemed to be ambiguously deist (open to the possibility of God, but not as a loving Creator). But by the end, he was a devout atheist. In light of his death, the media has proudly displayed some of his most notorious...
  • On the Sin of Rash Judgment, as Seen in a Commercial

    03/17/2018 8:19:21 AM PDT · by Salvation · 3 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-16-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    On the Sin of Rash Judgment, as Seen in a Commercial Msgr. Charles Pope • March 16, 2018 • One of the most commonly committed—yet least often confessed—sins, is that of rash judgment. The commercial below humorously depicts the sin and how wrong we can sometimes be.In reality, the sin is not often humorous and can lead us to some very dark places. On account of rash judgments, we may harbor grudges, resentments, fears, and unjust anger. We may allow it to foster pride, feeling ourselves superior to others. We may even seek revenge based on misinformation or as...
  • Feast of St. Patrick the Bishop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland

    03/17/2018 7:35:38 AM PDT · by NRx · 8 replies
    Orthodox Church in America ^ | March 17, 2018 | OCA
    Troparion & KontakionSaint Patrick, the Enlightener of Ireland was born around 385, the son of Calpurnius, a Roman decurion (an official responsible for collecting taxes). He lived in the village of Bannavem Taberniae, which may have been located at the mouth of the Severn River in Wales. The district was raided by pirates when Patrick was sixteen, and he was one of those taken captive. He was brought to Ireland and sold as a slave, and was put to work as a herder of swine on a mountain identified with Slemish in Co. Antrim. During his period of slavery,...
  • A Different Look at the Cross

    03/16/2018 8:48:38 AM PDT · by Salvation · 34 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-15-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    A Different Look at the Cross Msgr. Charles Pope • March 15, 2018 • When I was young and throughout my seminary years, I usually contemplated the crucifix and Jesus’ suffering on the Cross somberly. It was my sin that had put Him there, that had made Him suffer. The Cross was something that compelled a silent reverence in me, and suggested that I meditate deeply on what Jesus had to endure. I would often think of John, Mary, and the other women beneath the Cross, mournfully beholding Jesus’ slow, painful death.These were heavy and somber notes, but deeply...
  • Four Proofs Advanced by Jesus to Show His Divinity

    03/15/2018 10:02:31 AM PDT · by Salvation · 22 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-14-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Four Proofs Advanced by Jesus to Show His Divinity Msgr. Charles Pope • March 14, 2018 • In the Gospel for Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent (John 5:31-47), Jesus sets forth a case for his divinity and presents evidence to his Jewish listeners of his divine status. He does not just come out of Galilee calling himself God. He demonstrates his power and calls other witnesses to testify. More of this case he presents in a moment. But ponder first just some of the ways Jesus describes himself to the crowd including claims of his divinity:Jesus teaches...
  • Out of Pride and into Humility

    03/14/2018 5:22:25 AM PDT · by Salvation · 2 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-13-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Out of Pride and into Humility Msgr. Charles Pope • March 13, 2018 • In yesterday’s post, we considered the twelve steps of pride set forth by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. In escalating ways, the twelve steps draw us to an increasingly mountainous and enslaving pride.St. Bernard also enumerates the twelve steps to deeper humility and it is these that we consider today. As with yesterday’s post, the list by St. Bernard is shown in red, while my meager commentary is shown in plain, black text. To read St. Bernard’s reflections, consider purchasing the book Steps of Humility and...
  • The Twelve Steps of Pride

    03/13/2018 8:11:40 AM PDT · by Salvation · 4 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-12-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Twelve Steps of Pride Msgr. Charles Pope • March 12, 2018 • If you think the idea of “Twelve Steps” is new, go back and see how the Greeks put it, or in this case how the medieval Latins put it. St. Bernard of Clairvaux identified twelve steps up the mountain of pride in his 12th century work The Steps of Humility and Pride.In today’s post, we focus on the twelve steps of pride, and tomorrow we’ll tackle the twelve steps of humility. The list below is from St. Bernard, but the commentary is mine.Notices how the twelve...
  • The Copper Scroll Project: In Search of the Ark of the Covenant

    03/12/2018 4:16:23 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 57 replies
    The New American ^ | 3/8/18 | William F Jasper
    Readers of the Old Testament are familiar with the Ark of the Covenant, the sacred golden chest carried by the Israelites during their wanderings in the desert and finally placed in the temple built by King Solomon. The 1981 adventure/fantasy film Raiders of the Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas introduced a Hollywood version of the Ark to a much larger global audience outside the Jewish and Christian traditions. That movie ends with the Ark disappearing in a large crate, along with thousands of other similar crates, into a huge U.S. government warehouse. The Ark did indeed disappear,...
  • Some Thoughts on Sin, Contrition and Repentance from C.S. Lewis

    03/12/2018 8:40:45 AM PDT · by Salvation · 33 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-11-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Some Thoughts on Sin, Contrition and Repentance from C.S. Lewis Msgr. Charles Pope • March 11, 2018 • C.S. Lewis is revered for his solid insight and for his ability to look beyond the ordinary understanding of things. Although he was not a Catholic, I would like to present several of his thoughts on sin, contrition, and repentance as part of our Lenten consideration of these matters. The quotes below are all drawn from a collection of passages from Lewis’ writings entitled The Business of Heaven. The page numbers in my citations refer to that book. On contrition and...
  • Who Killed Jesus? The Historical Context of Jesus’ Crucifixion

    03/11/2018 11:47:12 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 58 replies
    Zondervan Academic ^ | April 11, 2017 | ZA Blog
    Much of the scholarly discussion about the circumstances of JesusÂ’ death relates to the question of who was responsible for his arrest and crucifixion.Who was responsible? The Jews or the Romans?Historically, the primary responsibility has been placed on the Jewish leadership and the Jews in Jerusalem. Throughout the centuries, this has sometimes had tragic consequences, resulting in anti-Semitism and violence against Jews.More recent trends in scholarship have shifted the blame to the Romans.The tendency to blame the Jews, it is said, arose in the decades after the crucifixion with the churchÂ’s growing conflict with the synagogue and its desire to...
  • The Catholic Church in China: Historical Context and the Current Situation

    03/11/2018 5:38:00 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 1 replies
    Catholic World Report ^ | 3/9/18 | Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
    Chinese Catholics—“above” and “underground”—view themselves as part of “one suffering Catholic Church.” Will the Vatican’s present negotiations with China help or hinder those struggling to practice the Faith under a communist government?Not since the Boxer Uprising in 1900 has world media given as much attention to Christians in China as it has in recent weeks. One can barely keep up with the deluge of reports and articles, not to mention numerous works of punditry and commentary, attempting to explain the Vatican’s recent negotiations with China’s government. It brings to mind a warning from Marshall McLuhan, who once wrote: “All media...
  • The Enduring Love of God – A Homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent

    03/11/2018 9:00:36 AM PDT · by Salvation · 1 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-10-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Enduring Love of God – A Homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent Msgr. Charles Pope • March 10, 2018 • The readings from Sunday Mass speak to us of our desperate condition and how God’s abiding love has not only set us free but has lifted us higher as well. God was not content to restore us to some earthly garden, paradise though it was. No, He so loved the world that He sent His Son, who opened Heaven itself for us and has given us a new, transformed, and eternal life.Let’s look at some of the...
  • Has anyone read, 'Jesus of Nazareth Son of God/Son of man'?

    03/11/2018 4:55:56 AM PDT · by patriot08 · 19 replies
    Vanity | 2/11/18 | patriot08
    I want to recommend a book I found while browsing on Amazon. It is, 'Jesus of Nazareth Son of God/Son of man' Jesus of Nazareth: Son of God/Son of Man is a fresh, new approach to the theory of Jesus being both fully God and fully man. It is written in lay language, and recounts what the Bible says of Christ.
  • Priestly people

    03/10/2018 9:31:12 AM PST · by Salvation · 7 replies ^ | 03-07-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Priestly people In priesthood, God utilizes all a priest’s gifts and struggles, but docility to the Holy Spirit isn’t a given Msgr. Charles Pope Question: When a priest is hearing confessions, does the Holy Spirit always enlighten him so that he gives his penitents accurate and insightful guidance? — Peter Tate, Long Beach, California Answer: The word “always” in your question implies an enlightenment that is too absolute. Certainly, the Holy Spirit assists priests in all their duties, including confession; but priests are not robotically connected such that they are mere oracles. The priest, in the celebration of the...
  • Luther: The Musician; The great reformer did more than write theology.

    03/10/2018 7:56:46 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 53 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | 03/09/2018 | Colin Holman
    Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. ... But any who remain unaffected [by music] are clodhoppers indeed and are fit to hear only the words of dung-poets and the music of pigs.” As might be guessed, these are the words of Martin Luther, the reformer who didn’t mince words. But in more ironic words before these, he said this about music: "Looking at music itself, you will find that from the beginning of the world it has been instilled and implanted in all creatures, individually and collectively. ... Music is still more wonderful in living...
  • How the Philippines Became Catholic (The complex history behind Asia's most Christian country)

    03/10/2018 7:52:57 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | 03/09/2018 | Jayeel Cornelio
    Few events in the Philippines have been more anticipated than Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to the home of the world’s third-largest Catholic population. Six million people attended a parade on the final day of the pope’s trip, a meeting he decided to make following one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded. During mass with survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, Pope Francis declared, “I have come to tell you that Jesus is Lord. And he never lets us down.” Stirred by his homily, many were overcome with tears. Pain is not an anomaly for Filipinos. Suffering punctuates centuries of Philippine colonial and...
  • The Cardinal Virtues: Justice

    03/09/2018 8:13:46 AM PST · by Salvation · 2 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-08-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Cardinal Virtues: Justice Msgr. Charles Pope • March 8, 2018 • Justice, Raphael SanzioAs we explore the cardinal virtue of justice, it is helpful to follow the schema of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologiae (II, IIae, qq. 57-122), where he treats it expansively. Because I am summarizing a large amount of material here, I have not included references for each specific point below. Please allow the previous citation of the Summa to serve for the entire post.The cardinal virtue of justice enables us to render to others what is due to them on a consistent basis....
  • The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude

    03/08/2018 7:49:05 AM PST · by Salvation · 3 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 03-07-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude Msgr. Charles Pope • March 7, 2018 • Fortitude, Pietro PeruginoIn exploring the cardinal virtue of fortitude, it is helpful to follow the schema of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologiae (II, IIae, qq. 123-140), where he treats it expansively. Because I am summarizing a large amount of material here, I have not included references for each specific point below. Please allow the previous citation of the Summa to serve for the entire post.Not only is fortitude a cardinal virtue, it is also one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The gift...