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  • Impeachment Will Be Different for Trump Than It Was for Clinton

    04/23/2019 12:55:33 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 32 replies
    Rush ^ | April 23, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: There is an ongoing — supposedly, supposedly in the Drive-By Media, the Democrats are being walked back on their desire to impeach Trump by Pelosi. Pelosi is saying (paraphrasing), “I don’t think you got it yet. Keep digging. But we’re not there yet.” Meanwhile, all these other Democrats, Swalwell and all these other people are out there, “Oh, no, we’re gonna impeach, we’re gonna remove Trump.” Swalwell is predicting that Trump is gonna be removed from office. Now, one of the prevailing theories on this is that if they impeach Trump, they go through the motions. And impeachment is...
  • Drive-Bys Do Dossier Damage Control

    04/23/2019 11:43:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    Rush ^ | April 23, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Did you see where Bob Woodward is calling the Steele dossier a bunch of garbage? Bob Woodward is saying that there needs to be action taken to get to the bottom of it to find out how this garbage, how this outrage could have been so prominently used by the FBI and the CIA. Come on, Bob! You know whats happening here, folks? First, over the weekend, we have the New York Times running the story that I highlighted prominently yesterday, where they now acknowledge that the Steele dossier could well have been (impression) Russian disinformation. Its likely the...
  • Rush Limbaugh & Donald J. Trump Golfing & Winning At Mar-a-Lago This Weekend

    04/20/2019 6:19:27 PM PDT · by CaliforniaCraftBeer · 44 replies
    Instgram & Donald Trump Jr. ^ | April 20, 2019 | CaliforniaCraftBeer
    WHERE WAS RUSH LIMBAUGH on Good Friday 2019? Palm Beach, Florida at Mar-a-Lago golfing with The 45th President Of The United States Of America...
  • Millennial Eschews Negativism, Counts Our Blessings [Rush Limbaugh]

    04/18/2019 3:52:27 PM PDT · by DeweyCA · 1 replies
    Rush ^ | 4-18-19 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Something that I always try to do during periods of time like this where we are either enraged or varying degrees of despondent or fighting off waves of negativism, I always try to stop, take stock, and realize how overall fortunate I personally am and we as a nation are. Negativism is easy, and pessimism is easy. We are as human beings naturally inclined toward it. Thinking positively is something that requires a concerted effort. You know, the old saw, we dont need to go to the library to get books on how to fail cause we all know...
  • Dont Say Arson! Media Focuses on Right-Wing in Notre Dame Inferno

    04/16/2019 11:18:23 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies
    Rush ^ | April 16, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Yeah, it’s a fascinating case study as almost everything is these days with the Drive-By Media, the media left, the media-Democrat complex. The Notre Dame Cathedral fire. It is simply unacceptable. It is not tolerable. You must not even breathe the possibility of arson because if it’s arson then fingers will point in one direction, and we’re not gonna point in that direction. We’re not gonna permit fingers to point. We’re not gonna even allow thoughts in that direction. No, no, no, no, my friends. But let’s play the game just to start for just a second here. Even...
  • Trump Raises More Than Top Democrats Combined

    04/15/2019 3:03:19 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    Rush ^ | April 15, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: You know, weve had all these stories the past two, three weeks about all the money the Democrat candidates are raising. Crazy Bernie raised this much, Kamala Harris raised this much, Mayor Pete raised seven million. Mayor Pete officially announced yesterday, by the way. And the oppo research was instant. The oppo research attacks on Mayor Pete were instant. And you know what it was? That he one time said all lives matter. Oh, he did! So here come the White Walkers of the left to come in here, the marching dead from the left to try to start...
  • Sanctuary Cities Slam Door on Illegals

    04/15/2019 12:54:30 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    Rush ^ | April 15, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 1. This is President Trump late Friday afternoon. He tweeted it first, and then he doubled down on the idea, and I just wanted you to hear him say it because we only had the tweet on Friday when I was still doing the program. But I just love this. Trump: Let's see if sanctuary cities have open armsTHE PRESIDENT: We’ll bring the illegal — really, you call them the illegals. I call them the illegals. They came across the border illegally. We’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area...
  • Notre Dame Engulfed in Flames

    04/15/2019 1:02:55 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 48 replies
    Rush ^ | April 15, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: There is fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and it looks huge. The wooden roof appears to be on the way to becoming fully engulfed. There was originally just a small plume of smoke that came out of it from a distant photographer, but now theyve got news cameras in there, and it is massive, this fire at Notre Dame. It has preempted coverage of the imminent release of the Mueller report on all of cable news. BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Notre Dame Cathedral continues to burn. The main spire there has collapsed. Thats one of the identifying...
  • A Bad Day for the Worldwide Left

    04/10/2019 3:09:59 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Rush ^ | April 10, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Its one of those days, folks and there arent many but when they happen, you need to stop, take stock and take notice. This is one of those days that is a bad day for leftists around the world. In Israel, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu won reelection for a fifth term. Now, leading up to it we got the same kind of news leading up to the 2016 race, Bibi was hated, he was despised, he was a criminal, he was a thug, he was corrupt, and there was no way. His own party hated his guts....
  • Script Flipped! CNN Plunges Into the Abyss

    04/10/2019 4:00:37 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 42 replies
    Rush ^ | April 10, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: I honestly don’t think that what has happened today has sunk in yet. I’m watching CNN. They’ve got a graphic: “Barr: I think spying did occur on Trump campaign. But the AG says no specific evidence, only concerns so far.” I’m looking at that screen, that picture of CNN. Now, for over two years every time I looked up at CNN the chyron graphic had to do with Trump colluding with Russia, for over two years, all day, every day. Maybe they took a break and did other news, but the central focus of CNN — I’m using CNN...
  • VDH: Does Every President Get a Special Counsel Now?

    04/09/2019 5:08:22 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    Rush ^ | March 9, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: I could put this in my own words, but Victor Davis Hanson had a piece yesterday about now that this has happened, is this gonna be standard operating procedure? Are we gonna have an ongoing named special counsel to sit in daily assessment of any president going forward? Are we now going to have an unelected, named investigator that is investigating every president every day of his presidency? Because this does set a precedent if this isnt stopped, if this isnt properly characterized, if this isnt properly exposed for whats really happened here, then how do you keep it...
  • Disgusting: Kim Foxx Defenders Smear Chicago Cops as 'Blue Klux Klan,' Racists

    04/08/2019 8:57:25 AM PDT · by detective · 23 replies
    Townhall ^ | Apr 08, 2019 | Guy Benson
    Question: How can the law enforcement apparatus in a major American city function properly when the police and the top prosecutor are at war with each other? Chicago's incoming Mayor has her work cut out for her. By now, you already know the Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has been blasted by national and state-level organizations of district attorneys and prosecutors for her unethical and dishonest handling of the Jussie Smollett case -- and that Chicago cops have demanded a federal investigation into her office's conduct related to the matter. The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police has formally called...
  • Chicago's police union is 'the sworn enemy of black people,' Rep. Bobby Rush says after protest

    04/06/2019 8:31:58 PM PDT · by Libloather · 64 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 4/06/19 | Juan Perez Jr.
    After a week of heated protests and calls for her resignation, Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx and African-American leaders condemned Chicagos police union and defended how the prosecutors office addressed an actors alleged hate crime hoax. Foxx vowed to remain at her post during a Saturday news conference, despite intense controversy sparked in March when her office dropped a 16-count indictment that accused television actor Jussie Smollett of orchestrating a racist and homophobic attack on himself to advance his career. Foxx declined to address the substance of the case with reporters gathered at the Rev. Jesse Jacksons Rainbow/PUSH Coalition...
  • Mueller Report Subpoena Will Test Our Criminal Justice System

    04/03/2019 12:46:43 PM PDT · by onyx · 34 replies
    RUSH: All right. Now, this, folks, is gonna be a real test of where we are. This is gonna be a real test of the American judiciary and our criminal, legal justice system. We’re going to find out quite a bit here. I don’t know about you, but I’m not all that confident what ought to happen here is going to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.Greetings. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number is 800-282-2882.Folks, I have to be honest with you. I’m...
  • Yet More Gems from AOC

    04/01/2019 12:35:23 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies
    Rush ^ | April 1, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we gotta get rid of the light-hearted stuff, and some may say that its all lighthearted, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She just continues to literally embarrass herself. But I dont know if its impossible for her to be embarrassed by herself. So she may not know that she is embarrassing herself. Listen to this quote. She was doubling down on the fact that earth is imperiled because of the cow, well, farts. Expelation of gas, methane. Shes really trying to get people to understand the severity and seriousness of this problem, and she said. Dadelut dadelut dadelut...
  • The Democrat Strategy on the Mueller Report

    04/01/2019 12:47:02 PM PDT · by onyx · 19 replies
    RUSH: Now, moving on to the Mueller report and the Democrats demand to see the whole thing. There is a story here in The Politico magazine by a reporter by the name of Renato Mariotti. Renato Mariotti is the legal affairs columnist for Politico magazine. He’s a former federal prosecutor. In this piece, he sounds like a raving lunatic. In a nutshell, I will summarize the piece for you as Barr summarized the Mueller report. Renato Mariotti admits that Barr can redact grand jury testimony and material involving national security.The Democrats are making a demand to see the whole...
  • Pencil Neck Originated with the Great Freddie Blassie

    03/29/2019 2:35:55 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies
    Rush ^ | March 29, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Grab sound bite number 1. This morning on well, whatever WINS radio, 1010 news radio in New York, the anchor is talking about Trumps trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, last night. LEE HARRIS: (teletype sfx) The president specifically called out House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, whos still insisting there was collusion. He called Schiff Pencil Neck, a line he apparently picked up from Rush Limbaugh. And the president warned that those behind what he called the greatest hoax in the history of our country would be held responsible. This led the crowd to start chanting, Lock...
  • Mentally Ill Libs Think Barr Is Lying About Whats in the Mueller Report

    03/28/2019 1:31:02 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    Rush ^ | March 28, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: So we start off with the Democrats and the media and the leadership of the intelligence apparatus and the FBI claiming that the duly elected president of the United States is a traitor, that he stole the election away from the person who shoulda won it, Hillary Rodham Clinton, by colluding with our enemy, the Russians. Thats the starting point, and then for 2-1/2 years thats all we get. Hundreds of thousands of articles, 500,000 articles, hundreds of thousands of minutes and seconds for two years. Then we get a report (summaraized): Trump is not a traitor, Trump did...
  • Talk Radio Shines Bright During Mueller Investigation

    03/28/2019 3:51:17 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 53 replies ^ | March 28, 2019 | Chris Stigall
    If youll indulge me, the talk radio industry deserves a huge pat on the back. Not just for entertainment value or commercial success for clients and sponsors. Not simply for being a service to local communities through information and charitable endeavors. Talk radio does all those things well, too. Todays salute to my industry is far more important than any of those things. Talk radio has unintentionally become a lonely, but powerful disinfecting light in the very dimly lit, if nonexistent world of American journalism. Consider The Washington Posts masthead slogan created ostensibly to signal their commitment to journalism in...
  • Mueller Knew There Was No Collusion from the Start

    03/27/2019 4:39:28 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies
    Rush Limbaugh. com ^ | March 27, 2019 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Now, my buddy Andy McCarthy has a column at Fox News that he published yesterday. How Long Has Mueller Known There Was No Trump-Russia Collusion? I have a pull quote here: When Special Counsel Mueller closed his investigation last week, he almost certainly knew for about a year and a half that there was no collusion case. Indeed, the indictments that he did bring appeared to preclude the possibility that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin. These indictments that he had had nothing to do with collusion; they had nothing to do with obstruction. Yet the investigation...