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  • What the heck is Tucker Carlson on this evening???

    03/19/2018 5:51:43 PM PDT · by Redleg Duke · 49 replies
    Tucker Carlson Show
    What the heck is Tucker smoking? He claimed that “Trump” fired McCabe? Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on the recommendation of the FBI IG.
  • Fmr Clinton Pollster Mark Penn: Conor Lamb Came Out Against Nancy Pelosi and Won

    03/19/2018 7:15:12 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 35 replies
    Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn weighed in on Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district special election result, crediting Rep.-elect Conor Lamb’s (D-PA) victory to the candidate going against the far left like Nancy Pelosi. “[A]fter so much talk that the party was moving to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders [the special Pennsylvania congressional election] really reaffirms the power of a centrist Democrat,” Penn told New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” host John Catsimatidis. “I mean, Conor Lamb really took a lot of centrist positions. He backed a lot of what President Trump was saying. And he came out explicitly against...
  • Rubio Introduces Bills to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

    03/15/2018 5:52:42 PM PDT · by foreverfree · 98 replies ^ | 3/14/2018 | Unknown
    “Last week, Florida’s legislature overwhelmingly voted for permanent Daylight Saving Time for the State of Florida,” said Rubio. “Reflecting the will of the Sunshine State, I proudly introduce these bills that would approve Florida’s will and, if made nationally, would also ensure Florida is not out of sync with the rest of the nation.”Er, Marco, afaik Gov. Scott has yet to take action on the bill.The article states that DST "Benefits the economy""Benefits the agricultural economy""Reduces car crashes and car wrecks involving pedestrians""Reduces childhood obesity"bring "Increased physical fitness"and bring a "Positive impact on wildlife conservation"ff
  • The ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Could Turn A Democratic Wave Into A Tsunami

    03/15/2018 5:19:57 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 58 replies
    It’s a busy time of year, so we’ll keep this relatively short. But I wanted to echo and underscore a point made by FiveThirtyEight contributor Nathaniel Rakich in his article on Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. One reason that the results are especially scary for Republicans — Democrat Conor Lamb is the apparent winner1 in a district that President Trump won by 20 percentage points — is because it came on reasonably high turnout, the sort of turnout one might expect in this year’s midterms. As of early Wednesday morning, about 228,000 votes had been counted in...
  • Vanity Quiz: Christians make up ___% of US gun owners and ___% of mass shooters

    03/14/2018 6:51:31 PM PDT · by cmj328 · 20 replies
    Fill in the Blank: Christians make up ___% of US gun owners and ___% of mass shooters Atheists and Muslims make up ___% of US gun owners and ___% of mass shooters Saddam Hussein was forcibly disarmed in ____ and was put to death and his corpse defiled in ____ Qaddafi disarmed in ____ and was raped and shot to death in ____ At their convention in ____, the Democrat Party booed God After ISIS beheaded Christians on Youtube, the President from the _________ Party did not take any decisive action against ISIS Circle the most appropriate answer: Kim Jong...
  • Game Over For Toys R Us: Chain Going Out Of Business

    03/14/2018 4:58:16 PM PDT · by Java4Jay · 84 replies
    The chain — whose history traces back to a post-World War II baby furniture store — has spent many decades as the country's largest dedicated toy emporium. Today's parents are the millennial generation who grew up with the Internet and approach purchasing decisions and time they spend with children differently from baby boomers. Generally, foot traffic is falling at brick-and-mortar stores. And children are playing differently than they used to decades ago.
  • Vanity: Moving out of California

    03/14/2018 9:21:57 AM PDT · by WKTimpco · 52 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 3/14/2018 | Me
    I was born and raised in Southern Nevada. I remember it to be a free place, but the area is "Sin City." Since moving from there, I've become a Christ follower. But now I'm in the Godless, anti-gun, anti-Liberty, illegal-alien-loving slave state of California. I've been hatching a plot to escape: Wifey, son and I move to Southern Nevada and get our main place. (Wifey doesn't want the cold or super rural-ness of the north east.) Then we buy a mountain cabin in Northern Nevada where my son and I can travel to often to live as free men to...
  • Why It Doesn't Matter Who the Winner Is in PA-18

    03/14/2018 6:27:30 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 69 replies
    As of this writing, Democrat Conor Lamb is clinging to a lead of roughly 600 votes in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. There are probably not enough uncounted votes out there for Republican Rick Saccone to pull out the win. It also really doesn’t matter much, one way or the other (unless you are a Democrat living in the 18th who feels strongly about having a Democrat represent you in Washington). Here’s why: The House is increasingly polarized. There was a time that a narrowed House majority for a party would make for interesting politics in Washington,...
  • Vanity/Twitter: Abortion Doctor Brags About Silencing the Screams of Dying Babies

    03/13/2018 7:54:03 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 41 replies
    You know fetuses can’t scream, right? I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity, if they’re even far enough along to have a larynx. I won’t apologize for performing medicine. I’m also a “uterus ripper outer,” if that’s how you’d like to describe hysterectomy.

    03/13/2018 12:14:34 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 36 replies
    Self ^ | 3/13/2018 | Dick Bachert
    Hope you're all staying warm this Ides of March? A bit chilly where you are? I suspect Algore is becoming a tad frosty AND grumpy since his Globalist, NWO GLOBALONEY WARMING SCAM is falling apart before his eyes. Not to worry about old Al. The $500 million or so he's scammed over the years will allow him to stay snug - not to mention crazy - as the proverbial bedbug he's become. (Am I the only voter who believes that Trump has understood all that from the get go and why he pulled out of the Paris Accord and will...
  • National school walkout -- further politicizing schools (vanity)

    03/12/2018 7:07:56 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 36 replies
    March 12, 2018 | me
    The national school walkout, supposedly to remember the 17 students killed in Florida, but really to push for gun control, is scheduled for 10am Wednesday. My children attend public schools in Massachusetts (yeah, I know), and both the middle school and high school are interrupting the school day to let students walk out. What are schools in your area doing? I bet schools will not allow students to miss school for all political protests (pro-life march or Trump campaign rally, anyone?), so they are taking sides on political issues. This is not new, but it is pretty blatant. It won't...
  • Stormy Daniels ready to go on the record about alleged Trump affair

    03/07/2018 7:06:32 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 151 replies
    The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels said she engaged in a sexual relationship with President Trump in 2006 and is looking to tell the truth about the encounter. Michael Avenatti, appearing on NBC’s “Today” show on Wednesday, was asked whether Trump and Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had an affair. He said, “Yes.” “She’s looking to disclose the truth about what happened,” Avenatti said. “At this point, in light of the amount of misinformation that Mr. Cohen has put out there to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and others, I think it’s time for her...
  • Is English Deteriorating ?

    03/06/2018 7:00:56 PM PST · by huckfillary · 144 replies
    Artful Dilettante/Harvey A. Daniels ^ | March 6, 2018 | Artful Dilettante
    The grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling in our country are nothing less than dreadful. And our youth don’t have a monopoly on this. It includes major media figures, political leaders, public spokespersons of major corporations, organizations, and the clergy. Examples: * Its a beautiful thing. Sorry—IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING. * We visited many country’s. Sorry—WE VISITED MANY COUNTRIES. Simple plural, no need for a possessive or apostrophe. * Attorney-Generals. Sorry—it’s ATTORNEYS-GENERAL, just like MOTHERS-IN-LAW. * We’re going to visit the Stewart’s. Sorry—WE’RE GOING TO VISIT THE STEWARTS. This is but a small smattering of the grammatical errors I see and...
  • I ‘m going to the White House Tomorrow

    03/05/2018 8:25:34 PM PST · by Hildy · 72 replies
    Me | March 5, 2018 | Hildy
    Just wanted to share this. For the first time since I have been a County Supervisor (Commissioner), an Administration really wants to hear from local governments. We (AZ County Supervisors) have been invited to a private meeting, at the White House, with top staff from several different agencies who actually want to know how we can work better together. It is unprecedented. And did I mention, IT’S AT THE FREAKING WHITE HOUSE!!!! I’ll report back tomorrow.
  • Appoint a Special Counsel to clear Obama and save his place in history

    03/05/2018 11:23:14 AM PST · by son of terrence · 38 replies
    President Obama deserves his legacy to be freed from the overhanging speculation of corrupt practices that some in the conservative press have alleged. Appointing a "Special Counsel" would allow him the comfort of knowing that the truth will come out. Yes, there is a fair amount of smoke around Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie but that does not implicate President Obama. Yes, James Comey and the FBI did provide unverified information to the FISA court while seeking a warrant in violation of protocol but this again doesn't prove President Obama knew of these tactics. Yes, the DNC paid for...
  • Pelosi Breaks With DCCC, Endorses Pro-lifer

    03/02/2018 5:28:55 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 13 replies
    Nancy Pelosi is about to lose some progressive friends after deciding to endorse Rep. Dan Lipinski in his re-election bid in Illinois's 3rd congressional district. Lipinski, you see, is one of the very few conservative Democrats left. He has a record of opposing abortion, gay rights and Obamacare. Asked at her weekly press conference Thursday if she supports him, Pelosi replied, "Yes, I do." It is an endorsement even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has refused to offer. Other Democrats have gone one step further, endorsing his primary challenger, Marie Newman. “This is not a rubber-stamp party,” Pelosi told The...

    03/01/2018 5:35:00 PM PST · by cradle of freedom · 17 replies
    Without guns: We would not have won the Revolutionary War against the British Empire, the biggest empire in the world. They fought fiercely to retain their colony, no empire wants to give up anything! Without guns the Constitution would have meant nothing! The British would have taken the Constitution and wiped their a$$es with it while laughing in our faces. Without guns there would be no land of opportunity. The British would have continued to grind us down until we became serfs. They didn't care about reason or philosophy, they cared about retaining their power and their wealth at others...
  • (Vanity) I sent White House e-mail that 2nd Amend is a Red Line for me.

    03/01/2018 12:38:53 PM PST · by JohnKinAK · 151 replies
    JK | 3/1/18 | JK
    I voted for Trump in 16 and I've given to his 2020 campaign. But I had to send them an e-mail that the 2nd Amendment is a Red Line for me. I will not tolerate any Gun Control legislation, we have too much now that infringes on my God Given right! I wrote that if the President persists in supporting new Gun Control Legislation he will irrevocably lose my support for 2020! I will instead support someone else to receive the nomination. Telling that witch from Kalifornia to put in her Gun Ban was beyond the pale and intolerable! The...
  • DrudgeReport Economic Headlines ... Winning!

    03/01/2018 12:25:50 PM PST · by MaxistheBest · 5 replies
    Today's Economic Headlines: Jobless claims plunge to 49-year low... Incomes Up Most in Five Years... Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Pace Since '04... Does Fed control Trump 2020 destiny? Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities Rise to Record $18 Trillion... US crude oil output hits all-time high; Takes out 1970 record...
  • Trump stuns GOP, Dems with impassioned push for gun control

    03/01/2018 5:17:04 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 156 replies
    President Trump stunned Democrats and Republicans alike on Wednesday by pushing for gun-control measures that have long been poison pills for the GOP and pipe dreams for their opponents. The president, during a televised, hourlong sitdown at the White House with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, appeared to back a bill proposed in 2013 by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania that would expand background checks for weapons purchases. The bill — written in response to the 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn. — failed in the Senate...