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!!!!!BREAKING!!!!! Peterson Jury Reaches Verdict...

"Americas Dumbest Soldiers" site, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! (Blood Pressure ALERT!)

'The Sound of Music': 40 years of unstoppable success (elitists panned it; audiences loved it)

'Tigger' arrested on molestation charges

***The Unauthorized Saturday Happiness Thread***

2 Cubans Attempt to Reach US by Car, Again ('51 Chevy)

9/11 -Blocked by media but never to be forgotten

Abducted U.S. Marine Killed by Iraqi Group


Baby Born With 2nd Head to Get Surgery

Christmas lights you must see to believe

Dead Issues

Do any female Freepers have tattoos??...a serious question across the cultural divide..

Everywhere I go I see Eleven..

Firefighters Hose Down Potty-Peeper in New Hampshire

FReeper Canteen ~ Christmas Music Festival For Our Troops ~ Come Join The Fun ~ 24 Dec 2005

Girl says 'hell' in school, suspended (2nd Grader)


Homeowners stand firm despite high-court ruling. 'They'll have to rip us from our property'.

How Did YOU Sleep Last Night?? ~Vanity

How Jessica Simpson got into those daisy dukes. (REALLY HOT CHICK ALERT!!!)

I'd Leave the Country, but My Wife Won't Let MeBush Takes Aim at My American Family

Iran moves to boost its air defense capabilities

It's 4:35 AM Eastern Time...Why are you all up so early ( or so late?) and on-line?

It's a Holly, Jolly #!@*^!#* Moonbat Christmas, You #@!*"#! Freepers!

Kentucky tobacco retailers brace for cigarette sales tax increase

Kerry to Use Beheaded American's Father as Campaign Prop (step right up to express disgust)

Kerry: I Wouldn't Respond to Nuclear Attack

Kucinich Predicts Winning Democratic Nod (This is NOT a Joke, Folks!)

Massive FLorida FReep Needed To Protect Dead Soldier's Family From Freaks During His Funeral

Motorists Spot X-Rated Films in Some Cars

Not even baseball safe from 'gay' promotions

Not even baseball safe from 'gay' promotions

Old Kerry Quotes Unearthed

Pentagon: 'Ongoing Rescue Mission' In E Afghanistan - ABC

Poor diet link to rising cases of depression

Ronald Reagan Dies at 93


Rush Limbaugh


Shopper Pays for Marine's Engagement Ring

The Aging of Aquarius - Boomers can take credit for the 60s (LAUGH ALERT)

The Bull Shark (It lurks in the shallows, even in fresh water. And it loves to kill.)

THE PLATE ESCAPE (outlawed clear spraypaint helps NYers beat traffic cams)

Two Die in California Bus Crash (it's Bush's fault)

Vanity: Update on Flying George Bush Senior

What doe’s it mean to be a Republican

What exactly is Zot?

White House loot may be in shipwreck

Yes I did it (Come here look at this)

You KNOW you're a FReeper husband IF....

ZOT!!! Troll Should Have Kept His Foul Mouth Shut

ZOT!!! Troll Should Have Kept His Foul Mouth Shut