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Amnesty Lobby

Republicans for Immigration Reform

website: http://republicansforimmigrationreform.org/

Board of Directors

US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez (D-IL), Chairman
The Honorable Spencer Abraham
Gov. Luis Furtuno, Puerto Rico
  • also board member of American Action Network
Mr. Fred Malek, Chairman, Thayer Lodging Group
  • Founder of American Action Network, Chairman of American Action Forum
Mr. Charlie Spies, Clark Hill PLC

Advisory Board

US Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL)
The Honorable Steve Preston
The Honorable Margaret Spellings
Mr. Edwin Wang, Accretive Capital


Partnership for a New American Economy

website: http://www.renewoureconomy.org/


Bill Marriott, CEO & Chairman Marriott
Bob Iger, CEO & President Disney
Jim McNerney, CEO & Chairman Boeing
Julian Castro, Mayor San Antonio, Texas
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor New York, New York
Michael Nutter, Mayor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rupert Murdoch, CEO & Chairman Newscorp
Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft


The web of RINOs and Rats goes deeper....


Ever hear of FWD.US?

FWD.US was created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He has joined with "key leaders in the tech community to promote policies to keep the United States and its citizens competitive in a global economy—including comprehensive immigration reform and education reform." (http://www.fwd.us/about_us)

Their list of supporters is a who's who of tech companies. (http://www.fwd.us/our_supporters)

Their team in Washington DC:

  • Rob Jesmer, former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • Alida Garcia, former National Latino Vote Deputy Director of Obama For America's 2012 reelection campaign
  • Kate Hansen, former communications director for the Democratic Governors Association
  • Scott Sloofman, former Deputy Director of the Republican National Committee War Room

FWD.US has two subsidiary organizations, Americans for a Conservative Direction, and Council for American Job Growth. (http://www.nonprofitquarterly.org/policysocial-context/22211-has-zuckerberg-gone-conservative.html)

Americans for a Conservative Direction board members are:

  • Former Governor Haley Barbour, also adviser to FWD.US
  • Sally Bradshaw, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's Chief of Staff
  • Joel Kapln, Vice President of US Public Policy at Facebook
  • Dan Senor, former chief adviser to Representative Paul Ryan on the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign
  • Rob Jesmer, former Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee from 2008-2012.

In May FWD.us began running ads the immigration bill pushed by the so-called Senate “Gang of 8.” Politico reports that Americans for a Conservative Direction will spend over $1 million to push the ad in states including Texas, Florida, Iowa, and Kentucky. (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/05/07/Republican-group-Facebook-immigration-bill)

Another group running ads is the American Action Network. The American Action Network was founded by Fred Malek, National Finance Committee co-chair of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. AAN created the American Action Forum and the Hispanic Leadership Network. These groups share office space with the Karl Rove affiliated Crossroads GPS/American Crossroads.

These groups have overlapping leadership and membership.

American Action Network
American Action Forum
Hispanic Leadership Network
Former Senator Norm Coleman (MN)
    Chairman Of Counsel, Hogan Lovells US LLP Chairman, American Action Network    
Fred Malek
    Chairman, Thayer Lodging Group Founder, American Action Network Chairman, Forum Board  
Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)
    President, Jeb Bush &  Assoc.      
Congressman Raúl Labrador (R-ID)    
    House Gang of Eight      
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)    
    House Gang of Eight      
Congressman Francisco Canseco (R-TX)    


House Gang of Eight

John Carter (R-TX)
Diaz-Balart (R-FL)
Sam Johnson (R-TX)
Raul Labrador (R-ID)

Xavier Becerra (D-CA)
Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)
Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
John Yarmuth (D-KY)

Texas Rep Francisco Canseco has a hidden relation to the House Gang of Eight, membership in the Hispanic Leadership Network.

The Hispanic Leadership Network developed the "Earned legal status", and "undocumented immigrant" talking points.




Senate Gang of Eight

Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
John McCain (R-AZ)
Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Michael Bennet (D-CO)
Richard J. Durbin (D-IL)
Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Chuck Schumer (D-NY)


Sponsors of lobbying push are:

  • United States Chamber of Commerce
  • FWD.us, PAC set up by Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook
  • Partnership for a New Economy, led Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, and Bill Marriott Jr.
Other particpants:
  • Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union
  • Frank Keating, president of the American Bankers Association
  • Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform

FR Threads:

Amnesty = Suicide for Republican Party

Let's Read the Polls About Amnesty

La Raza Unida:


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Immigration Stats

Immigration from Mexico

Immigration from Mexico is 2.5 times that of Europe.

Immigration from one country, Mexico, is 2.5 times that of many countries combined.

I've taken the figures from the above table at cis.org and graphed them.

Note the sharp increase in immigration from Mexico and how that differs from all other regions' increase. Note also the sharp decline in immigration from Europe while all other regions have increased.

Who's racist?

Roughly 63% of illegals are Mexican.

“As of March 2010, 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States”


Then see Figure 2 at http://www.pewhispanic.org/2011/02/01/ii-current-estimates-and-trends/

The main article is at the first link. Be sure to check the Appendices.

Our immigration policy must serve our needs, our ability to absorb, and immigrants' ability to assimilate. Creating large sub-societies serves no good purpose.

Our security can not be conditioned upon the demands of unassimilated immigrants or illegally present foreigners.

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The Constitution of Liberty

Excerpts from The Constitution of Liberty
The picture generally given of the relative position of the three parties (ed: socialism, conservatism, classical liberalism) does more to obscure than to elucidate their true relations. They are usually represented as different positions on a line, with the socialists on the left, the conservatives on the right, and the liberals somewhere in the middle. Nothing could be more misleading. If we want a diagram, it would be more appropriate to arrange them in a triangle with the conservatives occupying one corner, with the socialists pulling toward the second and the liberals toward the third. But, as the socialists have for a long time been able to pull harder, the conservatives have tended to follow the socialist rather than the liberal direction and have adopted at appropriate intervals of time those ideas made respectable by radical propaganda. It has been regularly the conservatives who have compromised with socialism and stolen its thunder.

[Conservatism] by its very nature it cannot offer an alternative to the direction in which we are moving. It may succeed by its resistance to current tendencies in slowing down undesirable developments, but, since it does not indicate another direction, it cannot prevent their continuance. It has, for this reason, invariably been the fate of conservatism to be dragged along a path not of its own choosing. The tug of war between conservatives and progressives can only affect the speed, not the direction, of contemporary developments.

The entire article at the link is food for thought. We need a party of liberty.

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How Modern Liberals Think

How modern liberals think:

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Progressive Infrastructure Map


Advancement Project
The Agenda Project
Alliance for Justice
America Votes
American Bridge 21st Century
American Constitution Society
American Independent News Network
American Sustainable Business Coucil
Americans for Responsible Solutions
Americans United For Change
Analyst Institute
The Atlas Project
Auburn Seminary

Ballot initiative Strategy Center
Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
Black Civic Engagement Fund
BlueGreen Alliance
Brave New Films
Brennan Center for Justice
The Bus Federation

Campaign for America’s Future
Catholics United
Center for American Progress
Center for Community Change
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Center for Media and Democracy
Center for Political Accountability
The Center for Popular Democracy
Center for Responsible Lending
Center for Social Inclusion
Center for Story-based Strategy
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Citizen Engagement Laboratory
Climate Reality Project
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Code for Progress
Common Cause
Common Purpose Project
Constitutional Accountability Center
Corporate Action Network

Democracy for America
Democracy Initiative
Democracy Now
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
Drug Policy Alliance

Economic Innovation Institute
Economic Policy Institute
Emerge America
EMILY’s List
Energy Action Coalition
Enroll America
Environment America

Fair Elections Legal Network
Fair Share Alliance
Faith in Public Life
The Foundation for the Future
Free Press
Free Speech for People
Free Speech TV
Freedom to Marry
Friends of Democracy
Fund for the Republic

Gamaliel Foundation
Gamechanger Networks
Generational Alliance
Green Corps
Green For All

Head Count Inc.
Hip Hop Caucus
House Majority PAC
Human Rights Campaign

I Vote
Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Street

J Street
Justice at Stake

Know Your Care

Latino Engagement Fund
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Leadership Center for the Common Good
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
League of Conservation Voters
League of Young Voters

Main Street Alliance
Majority PAC
The Management Center
Mayors Against Illegal Guns
The Media Consortium
Media Matters for America
Mi Familia Vota
Midwest Academy
Mother Jones
Movement Advancement Project

NARAL Pro-Choice America
The Nation
National Council of La Raza
National Democratic Redistricting Trust
National Domestic Workers Alliance
National Employment Law Project
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National Immigration Forum
National People’s Action
National Popular Vote
National Security Network
New America Media
New American Leaders Project
New Leaders Council
New Media Ventures
New Organizing Institute
NextGen Climate Action

The Opportunity Agenda
Organizing for Action
People for the American Way

PICO National Network
Planned Parenthood
Priorities USA
Progressive Campaign Change Committee
Progressive Congress
Progressive Majority
Progressive States Network
Project New America
Project Vote
Public Campaign
Public Citizen

Race Forward
Rainforest Action Network
Rebuild the Dream
ROC United
Rock the Vote
The Roosevelt Institute

Scholars Strategy Network
Sierra Club
Small Business Majority
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Progress Fund
State Engagement Initiative
State Voices
Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups)
Sunlight Foundation

The Texas Future Project
Third Way
Truman National Security Project

United for a Fair Economy
United Republic

Voices for Progress
Voter Participation Center
Voto Latino

Washington Monthly
Wellstone Action
Women’s Equality Center
Working America

Young Democrats of America
Young Invincibles
Youth Engagement Fund
YP4 and YEO Network





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H/T BuckeyeTexan


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Illegal Aliens


  • Deport illegal aliens on contact with LE, federal/state/local
  • Enforce the law vigorously on employers of illegals and with severe penalties
  • Strong border security. Build the fence
  • Eliminate entitlements for illegal aliens, e.g. no tuition assistance or DL. Nothing beyond emergency care, followed by deportation
  • End the "anchor baby" policy
  • Illegal entry forfeits forever any chance for citizenship


From 2013 to 2014 the increase in “Unaccompanied Alien Children” crossing the southern border was 106%

From 2013 to 2014 the increase in “Family Units” crossing the southern border was 493%

From 2013 to 2014 in the Rio Grande Valley, where most illegal border crossings occur, the “Unaccompanied Alien Children” illegally crossing the border increased 189% to 42,164, the “Family Units” illegally crossing the border increased more than 500% to 42,358.


Related: 40,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children Mysteriously Vanish – Border Patrol and Executive Office Of Immigration Review’s Numbers Don’t Match…


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Border Invasion

U.S. Const. art. IV, § 4 mandates the Federal government protect states against Invasion. The Federal government has not performed.

U.S. Const. art. I, § 10 No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

U.S. Const. amend. X The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

All States retain the right to self defense. The Federal government has refused to provide for the common defense, the raison d'etre for the Federal government. The States must repel invasion or the people will.


The Texas Governor has the authority to call forth the state military forces and the reserve militia to repel the invasion.

Tex. Gov. Code Sec. 431.071

Tex. Gov. Code Sec. 431.001

Tex. Const. art. 4, § 7


The Arizona Governor has the authority to proclaim an emergency and mobilize all or any part of the state guard or the unorganized militia into service of the state.

Ariz. Const. art. 5, § 3

Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 26-174.

Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 26-122.

Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 26-121.

Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 26-172.

N.B. Unlike Arizona SB-1070, these do not pertain to immigration but to a proclamation of an emergency and the protection of lives or property.

There is no reason for Governors to stand by idly when the law supports States 100% and the Federals violate law.

We can not sit by and allow our country to be invaded while politicians dither and court each other.

Inaction is complicity!


MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal aliens


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Inherent Contempt

Congress has the authority to arrest and imprison those found in Contempt. The power extends throughout the United States and is an inherent power (does not depend upon legislated act)

If found in Contempt the person can be arrested under a warrant of the Speaker of the House of Representatives or President of the Senate, by the respective Sergeant at Arms.

Statutory criminal contempt is an alternative to inherent contempt.

Under the inherent contempt power Congress may imprison a person for a specific period of time or an indefinite period of time, except a person imprisoned by the House of Representatives may not be imprisoned beyond adjournment of a session of Congress.

Imprisonment may be coercive or punitive.

Some references

[1] Joseph Story’s Commentaries on the Constitution, Volume 2, § 842

[2] Anderson v. Dunn - 19 U.S. 204 - “And, as to the distance to which the process might reach, it is very clear that there exists no reason for confining its operation to the limits of the District of Columbia; after passing those limits, we know no bounds that can be prescribed to its range but those of the United States.”

[3] Jurney v. MacCracken, 294 U.S. 125
73rd Cong., 78 Cong. Rec. 2410 (1934)

[4] McGrain v. Daugherty, 273 U.S. 135 - Under a warrant issued by the President of the Senate the Deputy to the Senate Sergeant at Arms arrested at Cincinnati, Ohio, Mally S. Daugherty, who had been twice subpoenaed by the Senate and twice failed to appear.

[5] Rules of the House of Representatives, Rule IV Duties of the Sergeant at Arms - [] execute the commands of the House, and all processes issued by authority thereof, directed to him by the Speaker.

[6] An analysis of Congressional inquiry, subpoena, and enforcement

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Screen shot of disappeared BLM webpage:

Documents retrieved from various agencies and groups

Whether building at Las Vegas or solar development at Dry Lake, development causes habitat destruction. Designated areas are set aside as "mitigation" for the destruction at these developing areas.

Gold Butte is one of these areas.

The master-mind planners dismiss the fact that the Bundy family have been using the land for over a century.

Removal of grazing acreage is part of the establishing of these designated areas:

The Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) [at dropbox link above] has "resulted in the removal of 700,000 acres of habitat from cattle grazing."
Gold Butte is viewed as a "mitigation bank":
The County Commissioners "support the development of a Reserve System, consisting of lands currently managed by the BLM, to be transferred to the Permittees [City Managers and others from Las Vegas, Boulder City, Mesquite, and Henderson] for the purposes of long-term conservation of species and mitigation of impacts in the developing areas of Clark County, thereby providing greater control over conservation efforts and maximizing the efficiency of the MSHCP."
See the Community Advisory Committee recommendations report [at dropbox link above] and the Board of County Commissioners' Resolution accepting the report [at dropbox link above].

Whether his cattle were on public land is a separate issue but it provides the pretense to illegally take property and business.

A man is being dispossessed of his business so that other businesses may benefit. The power of government is facilitating this theft.

FR threads:

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Weather Underground

Prairie Fire:

All six editions of “Osawatomie”:

You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

From the FBI vault


Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 1 of 6
Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 2 of 6
Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 3 of 6
Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 4 of 6
Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 5 of 6
Weather Underground (Weathermen) Part 6 of 6

Article highlighting parts of FBI file 1: http://www.coachisright.com/cubas-communist-influence-bill-ayres-american-terrorists

See also: Origins of Obamacare

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Click the pic to go to the source at the Library of Congress


The Federal Communications Commission is planning a probe of political speech across media platforms.

The "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs" will embed government researchers in news media organizations to collect information on demographics, point of view, news topic selection, management style and other factors.

The information is then numerically encoded according to how well, in the FCC’s view, it meets the "critical information needs" of particular "communities."

The study identified eight "critical information needs": information about emergencies and risks; health and welfare; education; transportation; economic opportunities; the environment; civic information; and political information.

The FCC awarded the contract for the study to Silver Spring, Maryland-based Social Solutions International. According to a May article in Communications Daily, Social Solutions International will be paid $917,823.

Social Solutions International says that in addition to its general evaluation of news content, the survey will include a "qualitative component" featuring interrogations of news organization owners, management and employees.

Among the questions:

For media owners: "What is the news philosophy of the station?"

For editors, producers and managers: "Do you have any reporters or editors assigned to topic ‘beats’? If so how many and what are the beats?" "Who decides which stories are covered?"

For reporters: "Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your customers (viewers, listeners, readers) that was rejected by management?" (Followup questions ask the reporter to speculate on why a particular story was spiked.)


President Obama Wants To Reclassify The Internet, Turning It Into A Utility



Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs - http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2013/db0524/DA-13-1214A2.pdf




Social Solutions International - http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3125382/posts?page=28#28

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John has a long mustache.

The IRS attacks our right of free expression of opinion and association.

The NSA violates the privacy of our communication.

The Department of Homeland Security wants a national license plate tracking system built upon the national surveillance camera infrastructure the establishment of which they've instigated and funded. And this on the pretense of tracking illegal aliens while borders and ports are not secured and politicians entice foreigners with promises of education and health care are no or reduced cost.

The FCC plans to install "monitors" at newspapers, radio, and tv stations.

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How to Win Political Arguments


Rush Limbaugh on Evan Sayet's Universal Field Theory of Liberalism



The modern liberal - there's something about his ideology that leads him to invariably and inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right, the lesser over the better, the ugly over the beautiful, the profane over the profound, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.


If no religion, if no culture, if no person, if no behavior, if no form of governance, if nothing is better than anything else, then success is unjust.

Jeb Bush, Jr.

He is a partner in his fathers company, Jeb Bush & Associates, where he currently serves as Chief Operating Officer



Jeb Bush & Associates, LLC is registered in Florida as a foreign llc organized in Delaware


https://delecorp.delaware.gov/tin/GINameSearch.jsp?action=%22Get Entity Details%22?frmFileNumber=4305558

Here’s more from the traitor father:


Once and future tag lines:


The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on. - Walter Lippmann

Communism has failed everywhere it is tried, except in the minds of communists.

Do you reject Obama? And all his works? And all his empty promises?

Those who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.

This message not approved by the NSA.

Stand your ground.

An armed society is a polite society.

Common sense immigration reform: Enforce Existing Law

Entropy isn't what it used to be.

They are confused because they are morons. They are angry because they are unthinking beasts. (HT BigCinBigD)

You can't win if you don't fight. Remember the Barrycades!

"We're ready to be led" - John Boehner, leader of the opposition

No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: 'But what would you replace it with?' When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with? -- Thomas Sowell

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PPACA Subsidies

At issue is whether the IRS, by providing tax credits to those who enrolled through Federally established and operated exchanges, violated the law.

PPACA SEC. 1401 creates section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code:

SEC. 1401(a) In General.--Subpart C of part IV of subchapter A of chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to refundable credits) is amended by inserting after section 36A the following new section:

SEC. 36B (a) In General.--In the case of an applicable taxpayer, there shall be allowed 
             as a credit against the tax imposed by this subtitle for any taxable year 
             an amount equal to the premium assistance credit amount of the taxpayer for
             the taxable year.

         (b) Premium Assistance Credit Amount.--For purposes of this section--
             (1) In general.-- <> The term `premium assistance 
                 credit amount' means, with respect to any taxable year, the sum 
                 of the premium assistance amounts determined under paragraph (2)
                 with respect to all coverage months of the taxpayer occurring 
                 during the taxable year.
             (2) Premium assistance amount.--The premium assistance amount determined
                 under this subsection with respect to any coverage month is the amount
                 equal to the lesser of--

                    ``(A) the monthly premiums for such month for 1 or more 
                          qualified health plans offered in the individual   
                          market within a State which cover the taxpayer, the 
                          taxpayer's spouse, or any dependent (as defined in 
                          section 152) of the taxpayer and which were enrolled in 
                          through an Exchange established by the State under 1311 
                          of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or

                    ``(B) the excess (if any) of--
                           ``(i) the adjusted monthly premium for such 
                                 month for the applicable second lowest cost silver 
                                 plan with respect to the taxpayer, over
                          ``(ii) an amount equal to 1/12 of the product 
                                 of the applicable percentage and the taxpayer's 
                                 household income for the taxable year.
36B(b)(2) specifies the premium assistance amount is equal to the lesser of SEC. 36B(b)(2)(A) or SEC. 36B(b)(2)(B).

SEC. 36B(b)(2)(A) is explicitly specified as applying to an Exchange established by the State under 1311.

For SEC. 36B(b)(2)(B) to be given effect SEC. 36B(b)(2)(B) must necessarily also refer to Exchanges established by the State under 1311, otherwise 36B(b)(2) would be meaningless because a taxpayer can not be enrolled in both a state and federal exchange and whichever is the lesser amount applies.

Courts would have to either ignore the explicit and unambiguous letter of the law and introduce the absurdity that SEC. 36B(b)(2)(A) “Exchange established by the State under 1311" includes “Exchange established by the Federal government under 1321", or simply read out of SEC. 36B(b)(2)(A) “Exchange established by the State under 1311".

The law is not ambiguous or unreasonable, Congress’ intent is clear. There are no "errors" for the judiciary to correct.

The court can not reconstruct a statute to satisfy an agency’s claim or to provide cover for their illegal acts.

The act explicitly provides tax credits for Exchanges established by the State and excludes tax credits for Exchanges established by the Federal government. This was intended as an inducement to states to establish exchanges. Many states did not establish exchanges, this was not anticipated by the authors of PPACA.

A recently made claim revolves around the meaning of "such an exchange", that this phrase makes “Exchange established by the State under 1311" equivalent to “Exchange established by the Federal government under 1321". This claim is based on SEC. 1311 (d)(1)

(d)(1) In general.--An Exchange shall be a governmental agency or nonprofit entity that is established by a State. 
and SEC. 1321 (c)(1)(B)(ii)(II) of the PPACA, parts of which I've highlighted.
  (1) IN GENERAL.—If—
     (A) a State is not an electing State under subsection (b); or
     (B) the  Secretary  determines,  on  or  before  January 1, 2013, that an electing State—
        (i) will not have any required Exchange operational by January 1, 2014; or
        (ii) has not taken the actions the Secretary deter- mines necessary to implement—
               (I) the other requirements set forth in the standards under subsection (a); or
               (II) the requirements set forth in subtitles A and C and the amendments made by such sub- titles;
               the Secretary shall (directly or through agreement with a not- for-profit entity) establish and 
               operate such Exchange within the State and the Secretary shall take such actions as are
               necessary to implement such other requirements.
The Federal government can not compel States to establish an Exchange, it can and has offered inducements to establish such an Exchange. If a State rejects the inducements and has not established an Exchange then the Secretary shall [ ] establish and operate such Exchange within the State that did not establish such an Exchange.

SEC. 36B(b)(2)(A) of the IRS code clearly states "Exchange established by the State". It does not say "Exchange established within the State".

Administration lawyers are attempting to obfuscate by claiming there is ambiguity where none exists, and absent that they are attempting to generate ambiguity. The law is clear: the act explicitly provides tax credits for Exchanges established by the State and excludes tax credits for Exchanges established by the Federal government.

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There is no delegation to the Federal government for their regulation of marriage, the power is reserved to the States.

The “equal protection” claim is bogus, no one has been denied equal protection of the law.

People can “define and express their identity” however they want, legal recognition of a group of persons is not required for any person to “define and express their identity” or to excersize their rights of association or their conjugal rights. Marriage laws do not in any way inhibit or infringe upon any persons rights of association or their conjugal rights.

Throughout history in every major society marriage has been between man and woman, or man and women. Now comes a novel definition. The advocates of this novel definition claim a right to legal recognition of their novel definition. There is no right to legal recognition of any grouping of persons assembled for any purpose.

For the USSC to use the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause to claim jurisdiction they must first adopt a radical and novel definition of “marriage”

Once the radical and novel definition of “marriage” has been adopted by the USSC they may then make a legitimate claim of an equal protection issue, but not until they have adopted the radical and novel definition of “marriage” is there an equal protection issue.

Not until they have adopted the radical and novel definition of “marriage” may they have the fig leaf of jurisdiction thus paving the way for the subsequent illicit imposition of the radical and novel definition of “marriage”

This circular absurdity is nothing compared to the breathtaking arrogance of declaring what the law of each and all of the States shall be.

By declaring that homosexuals may, in each and every State, marry, they have made themselves a Super-Legislature of ALL the States collectively as a whole - a Branch of Government which does not exist under the U.S. Constitution!

Not only have the made themselves legislators, they have erected a fourth Branch of Government. A fourth Branch of Government which substitutes its legislation for that of each and all of the States.

They have legislated. They have intruded upon the independent sovereignty of the States. They have acted entirely outside the Constitution.

To conceal and “justify” their compound criminality they clothe it with an invented “fundamental right” where there is no such right.

The compound criminality of Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan demands their impeachment.

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Excerpt of thread about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Strong Cities, and Black Lives Matter.

In 2015 Obama’s “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” issued their Final Report (http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/pdf/taskforce/TaskForce_FinalReport.pdf) and accompanying Implementation Guide (http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/pdf/taskforce/Implementation_Guide.pdf)

On page 72 of the Final Report it is noted that Deray McKesson and Black Lives Matter, both participated.

In his written testimony (http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/pdf/taskforce/submissions/McKesson_DeRay_Testimony.pdf) McKesson complains that “police brutality is not a coincidental aspect of American life, but that it is deeply woven into the fabric of American policing and that it falls heavily along the lines of race.” He says that he began protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, and that “I, like many others, have been tear gassed repeatedly, have had ‘non-lethal’ weapons pointed at me by officers, have been told that it was illegal to stand still on an American street, and have been pepper sprayed – all for engaging in peaceful protest.” (Who can forget the rioting, looting, and arson, in Ferguson?) He continues, “it is necessary for the Department of Justice, in conjunction with community organizations and local law enforcement, to develop virtual and in-person training modules whose use is mandatory by all police departments receiving federal funding that focuses on implicit bias” and “Twitter and other social media tools were pivotal to the protest community”

On page 28 of the Final Report it is noted that Linda Sarsour of the National Network for Arab American Communities participated. In her written testimony (http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/pdf/taskforce/submissions/Sarsour_Linda_Testimony.pdf) she complains about “Islamophobia”. Sarsour states that police are perceived as biased, she recommends that police training curriculum include input from “community-based organizations” and “faith based leaders” and training be subject to ongoing monitoring by these groups. She also recommends that the DOJ establish a “civilian review board” composed of these groups “that can provide suggestions on what the DOJ mandates on those departments so they can be compliant with civil rights”

On page 20 of the Implementation Guide officer training is listed as a key tool to drive change. Training must address “implicit bias”, “engage the community in training” and “include community members as trainers”.

On page 16 of the Implementation Guide, “The final report and its recommendations can be an effective template for law enforcement organizations and communities to measure progress against a national, objective set of recommendations.” Also: Create a checklist using the recommendations, use the checklist in local government, law enforcement, and community meetings as a management tool to drive implementation, provide regular updates to the community and local government on progress being made on implementing specific recommendations

On page 23 of the Implementation Guide: State legislatures - Review and mandate requirements for police state training academies for basic recruit and in-service hours and content in light of the task force recommendations.

Additionally agencies are required to admit previous injustices. This “shaming” is psychological manipulation.

The Final Report list numerous recommendations including: federal training standards, numerous reports to be filed with federal government (police demographics, “community” demographics, arrestee demographics, incidents reports, for example).

Additional information regarding the Task Force: http://sai-dc.com/presidents-task-force-on-21st-century-policing/

Obama routinely meets with Black Lives Matter leadership. Black Lives Matter has generated protests and leads chants of “f the police” etc. They have received training from the DOJ. Obama has used Black Lives Matter to create and nurture an anti-police environment. He repeatedly legitimizes their acts. Black Lives Matter is used by Obama as street muscle to generate the dynamic necessary for his agenda, which is federalization of police.

His exploits with Black Lives Matter uses a tactic directly from the playbook of Operation Arab Spring: find a small local issue, puff it up & generate protests, suborn it for your own purposes.