Since Apr 16, 1998

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Now moved to Fresno, CA, but after more than 20 years, I will always have a spot in my heart for the friends I have been blessed with in Vicksburg. The South is so special.....for it will always be my Home.

It occurs to me that the reason the South is what it is is because of the common culture. You can go to Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi or South Carolina or Florida (most parts, anyway) or Louisiana and the only thing that changes are the license plates on the cars. Excepting dietary differences (which are a marvel in themselves and worthy of extended examination), the South is seamless. Oh yes, there is a white South and a black South and like-it-or-not, we are a part of each other's history....and culture. I think it will only get better. (I hope now, but have my doubts as of St. Trayvon's passing.)

In California, there is no continuity. There are Mexicans (Bless them for their fantastic food!), Vietnamese, Thais, Yankees (as non-descript as it gets, bad food tastes to boot), Guatemalans, you name it, they're here. So far, it's every man for continuity. There is a faux culture of surfer-dudes, and Juan Manuel Fangio wannabes, but it's onion-skin paper thin.

Somebody send me a batch of cornbread, collards and catfish.