Since Jan 10, 2003

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Little background - I am a lifelong Republican (I came out of the womb as a baby 'publican).

I am a well-educated, employed full-time 36 year old female who believes marriage is the best - even went so far as to take my husband's last name (I know, any N.O.W. trolls out there just shuddered), the second amendment is necessary to protect the Republic, that government servants should do just that, SERVE the people, that narcissists should pick any profession but politics and that abortion is murder. I work in the non-profit sector, and because of that, I guess, and because I am female, most of my coworkers assume that I am a democrat...until they see the back windshield of my car...or they ask "what do you think about President Bush." I never preach and I never sermonize...unless you ask me...then they get a double-barrel full.

After years of wandering through the desert of liberal media, liberal doublespeak and....well...liberals themselves, I was revived in 2001 when my husband and I found the oasis of "Free Republic".

Thanks to all you fellow "freepers"!